Jingle, Ethereal Spirit

By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


Ethereal Spirit

Corporeal Forces: 1 Strength: 1 Agility: 3

Ethereal Forces: 2 Intelligence: 5 Precision: 1
Celestial Forces: 3 Will: 6 Perception: 6

Skills: Knowledge (How to get a human to obsess over something/6, popular culture/2)

Songs: Dreams (Corporeal/3,Ethereal/3, Celestial/6), Motion (Celestial/2), Tongues (Ethereal/3)

No, it's not always Jingle's fault when you can't get a song out of your head. However, it's not for lack of trying.

Jingle was just another one of those dream fragments out there, trying to stay stable for more than 15 seconds at a time, when he happened upon a trick. Humans have always had this problem with especially catchy tunes or sayings: quite by accident Jingle discovered that if he encouraged that while in someone's dreamscape, then he could hitch a ride in that person's subconscious when he or she woke up.

Seeing as even the nastiest human's subconscious mind is often healthier than the Marches when the Tsayadim wander on by, this was a pleasing revelation. Jingle tends to spend his nights in the Marches, then grabs an available dreamscape, piggybacks into the corporeal plane and proceed to encourage repetitive mental behavior. That keeps him in the host's mind until he or she falls asleep again. It also nets him the occasional bit of Essence, especially when people complain about whatever it is that keeps them from getting the chorus to "Hey Nikki" out of their heads.

Jingle isn't a bad spirit, really: he just wants to continue to exist, humans would be doing this sort of thing anyway and he's not doing anything that actually hurts anybody. Besides, some humans seem to _like_ sitting around singing the same song over and over again (or shouting out odd but interesting phrases like 'Waitangi Day!'). However, he's realized that his mere presence on the corporeal plane is only tolerated because nobody's noticed yet ... and when they do, Jingle has no combat abilities or real defenses except Running Away. He's hoping that nobody will take him seriously enough to want to hurt him.

Of course, the next Kyriotate or Shedite that encounters a squatter in a area considered theirs will probably take steps to disabuse him of that notion.

Editor: Yes, I know Jingle is an Ethereal, not an angel. He'll get put in the right place as soon as I have the energy to make it.


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