Malakite of Freedom

By Daiv


Okay, so I am trying desperately to come up with a Malakite of Trade, in Service to Freedom. And I am just good enough of a fiction writer to see how bad that was going.

Here's the idea. Mark cannot create bright Lilim. And Bright Lilim are an incredibly rare resource. Undamaged, whole and perfect bright lilim are pretty much non existent. Certainly, any who might exist are not currently serving Trade.

However... He can create a Malakite. And so, he has something that Lilith would want. And thus, a Trade Deal is stuck; One Lilim, created for Trade (<Maguffin> just as she would for any other Word </Maguffin>) in exchange for a Malakite, commanded to Serve Lilith as his Superior for so long as he is Geased (this is one of his oaths, in fact; that, combined with the fact that he has been ordered not to act in a manner contrary to the interests or desires of Lilith for as long as he is bound to her keeps him from becoming a quivering mass of dissonance, as well as keeping him in check)*.

Since he is Word bound to Trade, he still has the Malakite attunement. However, he has accepted Lilith's Dissonance Conditions and Rites, as well.

His Role is as a Thug. Quite Literally; his Vessel is of a Six foot four black man, residing in Boston. Call him Hawk*. Though he does travel rather extensively. Among Lilim, he is Known to be exceptionally effective as being intimidating muscle, and a startlingly effective bodyguard. More than that, though, his attunement is remarkably useful for finding leverage in an otherwise exceptionally difficult case. many Lilim have found it very useful to know what their targets value, as a way of getting at what they Need.

As for Hawk, himself? He is doing what he must. He has a ledger, where his every act of dishonor, his every sin is accounted for. Someday, he knows, he will pay his Penance, and in return, be forgiven.

Or so he keeps telling himself.

Needless to say, this is based on a fairly dark vision of Marc.

And having said this, the chances I will ever get to play this character have probably gone from Slim to None. Just as well.

*Do I have to say that this is Not Canon? Do you see my name on any books?

**Deepest apologies to Robert Parker.


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