Beldine: Introduction

By Eric Bertish


<cue Record of Lodoss Wars soundtrack, if you have it>

Two Mistresses, one Bright, one Dark.

The massed armies of Dreams and Nightmares stood to arms in the Marches, ready to do battle. Their Mistresses stood behind them, Blandine resplendent in armor sheerer than silk and spun from Hope For The Future, Beleth draped in iron cloaks cobwebbed from Despair For The Past. One wielded a sword sharper than a child's Christmas wish, the other a scythe as brutal as the realization that there is no Santa Claus.

They eyed each other across the infinite greyness. Through the fathomless depths, their gazes met.

"No regrets," murmured Blandine.

"No quarter," whispered Beleth.

The lovers roared across the battlefield, their servitors following in their wake. Dreams warred with Nightmares, and their duel above was reflected in the tides of the battle below them.

Twelve hours later, both lay dying.

Beleth's scythe had cruelly rent Blandine's breast from shoulder to hip, yet with one final stroke the Archangel of Dreams impaled her lover upon her sword. Mortally wounded, the Princess of Nightmare collapsed atop her slayer.

"This is proper," thought Blandine. "To die in each others' arms, as we lay so many years ago."

"As it should be," thought Beleth. "If I must die, I take her with me."

And they both died.


Something rose from the field of battle that day, something that neither Superior had predicted. That something called herself Beldine.

<end Prologue. Cue Fantasia of the Wind>

Beldine, ArchPrincess of Hopes and Fears

The world is what you make of it.

Lies cannot exist without Truth. Light is meaningless without Darkness. Hope and Fear.... are like that, but moreso. False hope can encourage unrealistic expectations which crush their dreamer when they are not met. Healthy fear can be a tool for education and self-improvement. Hope and Fear, two sides of the same coin, yet each can be used for good or evil. This concept of dualistic unity is named Beldine.

As Blandine and Beleth lay dying, their remaining Forces flowed together like twin streams of blood and pooled. Their hatred and love for each other spent, all that remained were the last fragments of their respective Words.

The dreams of tyrants terrify the masses. The dreams of the people frighten kings.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The end of wisdom is knowing when to stop being afraid.

Beldine is a gestalt being, the summation of the Words which birthed her, divorced from politics. She is the evil of which men dream and the salvation in the scared-straight message of a nightmare. She is her parents, as well as their daughter.

And she is, most assuredly, neither angel nor demon. She is.... something more. Menunite and Pachadite, existing simultaneously.



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