Consider Something New

By Rev. Pee Kitty


"Believe it or not, I never do anything with the sole intention of pissing off the Seraphim Council. Their shock and anger sometimes makes me grin... but more often, I just sigh inside and wonder why they choose not to understand.

"Listen to it... you can hear the Symphony playing its strands on zephyrs floating through the air... a neverending, always changing melody. A new note sounds with the birth of each being; a new chord with each destiny fulfilled; a rest upon each fate sealed. Humans slip in and out of existence. Angels and demons learn to adapt to this fluid world. And God smiles down upon this, for God did decree that the world would be what you made of it.

"Everyone has the right to choose their own path in life. The problem is that most people aren't aware of the choices that they have. Does Mr. J. Random Businessman realize that he could quit his job and work with disabled veterans, without becoming homeless himself, by learning how to let go of his possessions? Does he understand the sense of fulfillment that this would finally bring him? No, until he is shown this, he does not know. Did humanity realize that they had a choice in how to worship until the Reformation? Some did, most did not.

"Do I sound like I should go on to praise Lucifer? Praise him for showing the Host another choice that we may not have been aware of? Perhaps a part of me must acknowledge that he did show us another path... but only in the way I must acknowledge the first human to realize he could voluntarily place his arm into a meat grinder! Lies, deception, and false promises led one-third of God's faithful into a Fate worse than death itself - a perversion of all we stand for and an insult in the eyes of the Symphony. It is a choice, but a choice that only a fool would make; unfortunately, Lucifer has a way of making fools out of those around him.

"We must all be free to make our own choices, with a clear and open mind, as God intended. Notice my words. One's mind must be clear: free of irrational doubts, free of overwhelming fear and worry, and free of demonic taint. One's mind must be open: Until you understand what lies upon the paths before you, you cannot freely choose your own path.

"Many cling to their current situation out of simple inertia or fear. The future is a frightening unknown to them, and they erroneously believe that they're much safer where they are than they could be anywhere else, simply because they're not yet dead or close to it. Even people in horrible situations, barely living what could be called a life, are afraid to step away from it and begin anew.

"I have seen a man with five ulcers, who wakes every morning in abject horror, realizing that he must head to work today. Cursing his existence on his way there, he toils at a job which he hates - hates as a slave hates its master. When he returns home, to a loveless marriage of convenience, the last thing he does before sleep is wish for an end to it. And this man still will not change his life on his own.

"I have seen a woman, beaten by her husband every day. Every day. Sometimes just a slap, sometimes a full assault. Forced to leave her school and her job for him, she longs for both with a passion so intense, an Elohite would have to leave the room. She thinks she loves him, but even she realizes it's really dependence. And yet, this woman still will not change her life on her own.

"Sometimes it just takes a little push. Sometimes it takes the full power of the winds of change. But it's always, always worth it. My Servitors and I may sometimes force them onto the start of a path, but we never force them down it. Some gather their courage and walk down the new path, to face a new life. Others run from the path and go back to their old lives. Some find a third path, a healthy one that we missed, which brings me more joy than you could imagine; it means they finally understand. Some of my most unlikely Soldiers have come about that way.

"As I speak to you, the woman is in another state - a waitress, in her fourth semester of community college, working towards her nursing degree. The man was given a chance to open the flower shop he's always secretly longed for... instead, he's sprouting ulcer number six. You win some, you lose some, and you never give up trying.

"And no, I am not Valefor."


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