Consider Revelations

By Eric Burns


It is not the truth, though everyone seems to think it is. And the truth is all that will serve, so I can understand the mistake. But the truth is the surface layer. And like so many things, you must peel away the surface, so gently removing layer by layer to discover what lies beneath, but causing no harm as you go.

This is the lesson of archeology, and the reason I am an archeologist. It is a constant reminder that the truth may be plain as the dirt beneath your feet, but revelation exists in the strata that lies within truth. Lies between. Lies beyond.

It is not the truth that is important - truth is the medium, not the message. In truth, we can say more important things. Information - actual, useful, real, significant information - can only be carried along the waves of bright, glowing truth. One must know that everything that is said is honest and true, so that which is revealed can shine so brightly without issue of veracity or misunderstanding. When truth alone is used to carry revelation, that revelation becomes comprehensible and bright, clean and open, magical in its very mundanity.

Obfuscation, misspeaking, evasion, and outright deception are themselves the static in this transmission. They are the garbling of the message, the fading of the text, the trick of the light that makes you miss the unearthed treasure. One cannot understand revelations when they are couched in lies and deceit. They remain, but they remain a mystery. The mind will not penetrate them.

It is not the truth that is important - but the truth must be used because the human mind is frightened of understanding. My love for humanity and their infinite ways is boundless, but their thoughts cannot stand revelation without considerable preperation. Only truth will serve for this so-important work. The moment a human being realizes he has been lied too - for whatever justification and for whatever reason - he will close himself to what he needs to know. The lie will magnify in importance until it is all consuming, all-encompassing. What must be conveyed will be lost in a sea of hurt and distrust.

It is catastrophic that we cannot reveal ourselves properly to humanity. It is also an error, from my own understanding. My friend Dominic chides me for such statements - they smack of heresy. But, I am no heretic - I have faith that God's restrictions lie in place for a reason, and I abide by them truly. However, they perpetuate the very problem that I identify, for the very same reason. God's reasons for couching our presence on Earth in lies and mystery is ineffable. In that ineffability, one must have faith it is for a good and right reason. But without the understanding of revelation, we cannot fully embrace the restriction as a tenet of our work. Some of my Servitors have Fallen purely because they cannot reconcile their love of revelation and need for the truth with the lie we must accept. And some of the humans we would do anything to help and who we reveal such important things to cannot and will not hear our words because we are not truthful with them, about who we are and what we are doing. Demons could not exist in a world that understands Heaven and the Angels.

It is not the truth that is important, compared to the discoveries we make every day - discoveries that are testament to the glorious, wonderous, beautiful understanding of humanity's infinitely complex minds and spirits. As we find more and more of the works humanity has created, let fall, buried and built their foundations of, we see yet more why God has singled them out above all other creatures -- above the Angels themselves. There is so much to be learned by what they have done and why they have done it. There is so much about the angels themselves that can be revealed by understanding those delightful mortals.

So many of my Choir brethern do not understand this. Humanity, with their twisting, self-deceptive minds and their short attention span and lack of vision frightens and angers them. They cannot accept that where even a Mercurian of the Wind will embrace the Most Holy's word as ineffable law, a human being will demand proof, will demand explanations, will demand to know why. They see this as a failing, and humanity as corrupt and weak. How little they understand, for they will not open themselves to the truth of humanity, and use that to dig beneath the surface. Human beings constantly seek. They strive. They learn. They grow. When surrounded by truth, they grow in truth. When surrounded by lies, they grow in falsehood. To sift through and unearth the bright truth of their thoughts, in the bright truth of understanding humanity itself, we reveal so much....

It is not the truth that is important, any more than the molecules within the blooming flower are more important than the flower itself, gently spreading its petals and inviting the bee to come and drink. The truth is merely the foundation. Revelation must follow.


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