Orc, Archangel of the Computer

By Jeff Watkins


For years Orc had been overseeing the use of the Internet. As time passed more and more turned to the Internet as a way of finding like-minded people, ways of finding information or ways of managing their finances. His Word grew and actually started to become a threat to the Word of Media as humanity begun to not just sit there and let the Media think for them, they were starting to turn more to computers and the internet to explore different ways of thought. They were expanding their minds and expressing themselves on a new forum that connected communities from all over the world.

As Humanity expanded into space their interconnections of the various Internet expanded and the new media was the SysInstruum (pronouced sys-sin-strum), the solar-system-wide informational network. With the advances of technology, the differences between Internet and owning a computer that didn't access the SysInstruum were blurred enough for Orc's Word to be expanded. Computers are everywhere, both overtly and behind the scenes, running the settlement cylinders and archologies that are home to humanity's spaceborne population. Unlike the earlier systems that were based around huge networks of dedicated servers, the SysInstruum is more of a mosaic of small computers and communication devices that continually talk to one another. Any device that can be hooked up to a comm port can become part of the system.

Jean was already well pleased with this, as was David who saw this new forum of bringing humanity together especially during calamities as useful. Soon Novalis noticed the harmony between groups of humanity and mutual tolerances for differences were found in Orc's domain and even Blandine found that many dreamers were encouraged in their hopes by supportive audiences found in the expanded Internet. Christopher was pleased by the protective measures in place and how children played in new virtual vistas that were even bridging the age gap, allowing children of all ages to play like a child in the new virtuality. Litheroy saw many secrets uncovered as conspiracy groups started sharing their informations, making their connections and chat rooms. Marc was becoming enamored with the ecommerce that had been very secure since the mid-21st century.

Surprising it was the rare appearance by Eli who suggested that Orc's word be expanded. Eli had seen the explosion of artistic endeavors in many forms, especially in the O'Niel and Vivarium space settlements and many artist turned to the virtual networks to express themselves. The Seraphim Council met and Orc's word was expanded to the Word of the Computer. He was to safeguard this realm from infernal influence, for it was not lost on many of the Archangels the potential for corruption from such forces as Andrealphus, who was also gaining power in his/her Word through the computer media and Nybbas who wanted to assume the Word of the Computer and its Internet into his Word of Media.

Laurence stressed the strategic point that Orc would be the perfect counter for Nybbas, whom many of the Seraphim Council saw as a troubling force that no-one so far directed countered.

So it was the Orc's Word was expanded to the Word of the Computer and raised to Archangel status.

Nybbas has not taken this well.

Orc wants to make the Computer safe for humans' use as humanity wants to use it without Infernal influence. It is dissonant for Servitors of Orc to pass by or let stand an infernal influence or interference with humanity's use of the Computer.

Seraphim: Can resonate with the data in a computer system and tell not only its truth but whether the data was inputed by a celestial, ethereal or human. A check digit of 6 reveals the type of celestial or if the etheral or human is on a particular side of The War.

Cherubim: Can resonate with from a link from a computer and can act to even protect data from corruption if it is the actual data the Cherib is resonating with.

Ofanim: Are the fastest reseachers and data entry specialist in the realms. The best of search engines, with a successful resonance, they can locate the information desired if its stored on the system they are operating from. Watching one of them at a computer screen can make most other humans and many celestials dizzy as the information flashes by (think Data from Star Trek looking for information).

Elohim: Are particularly good in chat rooms, since they can resonate with the log-oned screen-name and tell their true emotions and with a good enough check, what influenced them. They are great in VR conferences and are as much in demand as Seraphim who are not fooled by virtual personas.

Malakim: While there are not many serving under Orc, those who do can use their resonance over the Internet as long as their target is on-line.

Kyriotates: Can inhabit whole servers, subnets and local PAN (Personal Access Networks, the local SysInstruum areas, limited to city, settlement or arcology size PANs), having access to numerous terminals and systems all at once.

Mercurians: May use their resonance to trace back connections of groups of humans who share the same interest. Found mostly at chat rooms, the Friends are used to tell if a member of the virtual commuinity is actually a beliver of that community or merely someone looking to disrupt or ridicule the true members.


Legal Access: Like Yves' Library card, but only with computer systems, also known as 'Hacker's Heaven.' Virtually There-allows real world effects/damage via sympathetic resonace with the targets VR icon or even signal from the target's terminal, by damaging this representation, the damage is transmitted to the target's body or vessel. Higher distinctions allow Ethereal or even Celestial damage.

Linked: This allows a link to the SysInstruum or any computerized system without the need of a physical port. This may be maintained continually or shut off whenever the Servitor wills.

Tron: This allows the translation of the Ethereal Forces into Virtual Forces and the Servitor may enter the computer system. Actions, including combat, are as in the Ethereal realm, but have 'real' world effects. By modifying the virtual enviroment the Servitor may control the system it is linked to and thereby whatever the computer controls, the Servitor can control. 1 Essence per 100 kilograms of vessel or body, this may be used to take others with them.

Remote Access: As with Jean's Remote Control, but only with computer controlled machines. This can be also used to remote sense a location by "looking through" the sensor the computer is controlling.

Transmatter: A version of Tron, the Servitor converts his vesssel or body, in the case of Soldiers, into a signal that is transmitted along the SysInstruum to any other location to exit out of a comm port of that distant locale. The transport travel time is limited to the signal speed, so intra-planetary travel has the same time delay regular communication traffic has, but is still the fastest form of corporeal transport. 1 Essence per 100 kilograms of vessel or body, this may be used to take others with them. The Disturbance is at both the entry port and exit port.


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