Tahariel, Habbalite of Lust, Demon of Sublimation

By Moe Lane


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 6
Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 8
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 6
Will: 12
Perception: 12
Word-Forces: 6

Skills: Detect Lies/2, Dodge/5, Emote/5, Fighting/2, Knowledge (Erotica/6, Psychology/4), Move Silently/3, Ranged Weapon (pistol/2), Small Weapons (Knife/5, Whip/6)

Songs: Attraction (Ethereal/2), Empathy (All/1), Form (Celestial/3), Hysteria/6, Nightmares (All/3), Opening (Celestial/2), Revulsion (Ethereal2), Self (Ethereal/2), Sensation (Ethereal/3), Shields (Corporeal/2), Sleep (Corporeal/1), Tongues (Ethereal/2)

Attunements: Habbalite of Lust, Angel of S u b limation

Angel of S u b limation: With a Will roll Tahariel may effectively turn Lust into some other emotion. The Lust doesn't actually disappear, of course: it just gets expressed differently. Those with the Lustful Discord/Disadvantage will have it turned into some other Celestial Discord/Disadvantage of the same level (chosen by Tahariel): those without must make a Will Roll at -1 to avoid acting towards sexual stimuli in a manner chosen by the Habbalite. The condition lasts for 24 hours: if Tahariel chooses to reinforce the condition, the target must also roll once per day against unmodified Will. If the target ever rolls seven straight daily failures in a row, the condition is permanent.

Note that Tahariel also uses this ability on himself: indeed, he must...

Rites: Burn a pile of salacious materials.

Discord: Lustful/6

The dichotomy between what Habbalah think that they are doing, and what they actually are doing is rarely in starker contrast than in Tahariel's case.

This particular Habbalite is firmly convinced that his God-given task is to destroy concupiscence in mortals - or, failing that, to suppress it. Sex is disgusting, you see: physically, morally and spiritually disgusting. It defiles everything it touches, and it touches everything in human society. There's sexual imagery everywhere, both overt and covert (Tahariel is perceptive enough to see the disguised sexual messages lurking in the most unlikely of places, like trees and clouds). It keeps slipping its way into human souls and minds, making them weak and despicable. Yes, humans would be just filthy animals anyway, constantly obsessing over filthy animal things, but it's the job of angels to keep them from going too far.

Angels like Tahariel. He finds those individuals ruled by their depravities (and there's never, ever a shortage of them), and convinces them to find a healthier method of emotional release. Well, healthier from the Habbalite's point of view: the talking monkeys invariably end up exhibiting behavior patterns that the deluded and sentimental might find distasteful. There are more than a few serial killers and fanatical inquisitors (of various types) out there that got their start from a meeting with Tahariel, but at least they're not fornicating any more. Nothing could be worse than fornication.

That's what he thinks he is. Tahariel actually is one of Andrealphus' experiments. The Beautiful Prince has always been fascinated with the ability of individual humans to use Lust to power obsessions other than the pleasures of the flesh. Andrealphus doesn't much see the point of not using Lust for the purpose for which it was intended, but that's not the same thing as denying that the condition cannot happen. Tahariel was created to examine the phenomenon.

As an experiment, Tahariel has provided mixed results. On the one hand, the people that he 'helps' certainly do exhibit Lust, even if it powers activities that are not normally associated with the Word. There's a certain savor to those particular souls, too: a taste and smell to their emotions that isn't present in those that had unabashedly given in to their lusts on Earth. It's not a drink that Andrealphus would want to drink every day, but it does make a nice change, now and again. The Prince has also always recognized that having strong repressive forces in a society is a potent fertilizer for his Word. Properly primed, Tahariel is good at producing that fertilizer.

On the other hand, Andrealphus' regular minions loathe the Habbalite. Wise Servitors of Lust keep their favorite pets (or current projects) far, far away from his reach: Tahariel finds them prime candidates for his services. Indeed, only the fact that the Beautiful Prince has given fairly strict orders to the contrary has kept the Habbalah from being quietly murdered by his own side. This loathing certainly keeps him from being promoted (although, seeing as Tahariel doesn't really understand who he's really working for, that isn't much of a limitation). The Host knows about him, too: in fact, he's been on the verge of being formally put on the Order of the Eternal Sword's list for about two centuries now. One more major success will probably do it - and the Order will be amazed at how many Servitors of Lust will cheerfully volunteer information on Tahariel's last whereabouts. All in all, while the experiment has given valuable results, it will probably end with the Habbalite.

Which is a shame. Andrealphus, on those rare occasions where he requires Tahariel's attentions, finds that the failed sublimation of the Habbalite's essentially Lustful nature is the tastiest of all. Tahariel can't channel his own Lust into something else, when it comes to the Beautiful Prince. He has to feel it, and loathe it, and want it anyway, and loathe himself for that want...


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