Urim (New Band)

By Beth McCoy


A long while back, someone asked about these. So.

These are not canon. These are not even canon in an "IMC" sense. These are based off of a "what-if" at 3am that is loosely connected to some IMC stuff. (IMC = In My Campaign, for those who haven't seen that TLA before.)

Premise1: A Lilim named Urichislon who has shown up in some of my private fanfic who is, basically, weird. Many people who meet her come away with the sneaking suspicion that either she's an Elohite painted green with horns stuck on, or else... Well, there's a lot of other "or elses" around to speculate on. Anyway.

Premise2: A third side with Lilith on it. (We will not get into this one. It's part of the premise, affects some of the minor details, and that's all that really matters.)

Premise3: By hook or by crook, Urichislon gets a Word. The Word that I was thinking of with insomnia at 3am was "Balance." (Uri's sort of a "Gray Renegade" personality, who mostly slipped under Game radar by being too weak and unobtrusive to be noticed.

Premise4: Uri gets promoted to Superior.

Now, for various and sundry reasons, Uri deems it appropriate to have Lilim. But she can't make them -- at least not the way that Lilith can.

So she clones herself.

The Urim (singular: Urim, and it's plural for a REASON) are unique creations of Urichislon. They are all at least nine Forces. They are all demonic -- or at least as demonic as Urichislon is (which is a subject of debate sometimes, but we're not going there). They all _look_ like her in celestial form, no matter what vessels they have -- after a while, they may develop subtle differences, but otherwise, each Urim is indistinguishable from another. (With one exception -- Bright Urim are only look-alikes for each other; they get the wings and aura of Bright Lilim.)

They all act pretty much like Urichislon, too: reserved, an understated curiosity, and a gift for deadpan comments. They don't gossip amongst Lilim, much, either. But somehow, what one Urim is told, the others seem to find out quickly.

There's a reason for that.

There's only one Uri, and she is Many.

Urichislon creates Urim by manifesting herself (as Superiors can, see the GMG), carefully stripping the manifestation down to size, and "detaching" it as a separate individual. Think of it as "budding." The new Urim knows everything that Uri-prime knew at that time, though without access to a Superior-level mind, many unaccessed memories fade quickly. She will gain her own memories and experiences, of course, and the nuances of her personality will acquire its own quirks.

But she's still connected.

Urim have the Lilim talent for Needs and Geases, but what they also resonate to is _each other_. Urim always know each other. Always. Urim are always _connected_ to the Urim gestalt. This isn't a Borg thing, quite -- they don't _necessarily_ enter into a state of being One Being. But they can always hear the murmur of their otherselves sister-thoughts, and with a moment of concentration, tap into the network. (Treat this as the Ethereal Song of Tongues, for no Essence cost, with any other Urim anywhere in the Symphony.)

Archangels have noted that redeeming an Urim always feels like they're "pushing something uphill that's heavier than it looks," but so far, none have guessed the truth. Urim don't tell them. Urim don't tell _anyone_ that they are One. Why should they? (You don't _get_ disloyal Urim -- that would be like having a finger rebell against the body. If a Urim became that diseased, she would be reabsorbed.)

So the Superior of Balance quietly moves about her apolitical business, infiltrating the ranks of other Superiors with her perfectly loyal (so long as it serves Balance) Urim. And should the balance be upset, well, someone will have to set things to rights.

Choir/Band Attunements

Urim have the same Choir and Band Attunements as Lilim. They are, after all, a subspecies.

Attunements of Balance

None are known at this time; Urichislon only employs Urim as Servitors. (Nepotisim is great.) Other celestials who serve her are "temps," just as her Mother uses.


(All Urim have these Rites; even the Bright ones. No, there is no dissonance if an angelic Urim uses a Rite of Balance.)

* Restore the Symphonic balance in an area.
* Gain a Heart from another Superior.

Invocation: (roll 1d6; the chance that you'll be near an Urim who Urichislon can "possess" to take your call, so to speak, varies...)

Uri is more receptive to those who aren't working for her than any other Superior -- do _not_ apply the -10 for "not my Boss" at all, when trying to get her attention! Of course, she _is_ a Lilim, and quite likely to charge you for helping out.

Urim, naturally, can always contact Uri-prime, taking only a moment (a round or two, if in a combat situation) to enter the gestalt. But they won't do it unless it's important enough. (They may consult with the gestalt and see if it's important enough, from the Whole Perspective; this looks a lot like a 'failed invocation' to bystanders, if the gestalt decides it's not important. Urim are always very blase about 'failed invocations.')

Invocation Modifiers:

+ Geaslevel: As for Lilith -- if you swear a Geas as you call her, add the level to the invocation target.
+1: Scales or a teeter-totter, perfectly balanced.
+2: Two debaters, evenly matched on either side of an arguement.
+3: Three debaters, likewise.
+4: A half-dozen Elohim, of different Superiors.
+5: Two or more powerful people, deadlocked on a vote. (The Seraphim Council, a meeting of Princes, the United Nations, etc.)
+6: Superiors from both sides, evenly matched.
+Sure Thing: Armegeddon. Duh.


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