New Ethereal Spirit

By Cameron McCurry


For the past 50 years, she has been one of the more loyal Ethereals to the cause of Hell. Nybbas put her on a wave that shows no sign of breaking anytime soon and she is loathed and revered throughout Earth. She is seen as the ideal woman by some and an image of unrealistic expectations in others. And most of all, she is an example of a spirit that has thrived under the guidance of the Demon Princes.

Who knew that Barbie was this evil?

As a spirit, Barbie has a selfish streak that could put many Balseraphs to shame. She's vain, self-centered and more shallow than a kiddie pool. She can be extremely vicious towards any competition that threatens the attention little girls lavish upon her (The "Mermaid Sushi" incident is the reason that the Disney spirits hate her so openly).

In spite of (Or because of) her behavior, a few Demon Princes prize her greatly. Nybbas keeps her updated on the Next Big Thing and makes sure that the next doll releases follow it. She can be seen on Andrealphus' arm for certain functions (She's more....anatomically correct as a spirit than a doll). And Mammon cherishes the greed she brings out in children and adult collectors alike.

Barbie's Ethereal realm is lavish. She has every single modern convenience and spares no expense in acquiring more (After all, she's not paying for it). Visitors to her domain learn the value of flattery and exorbitant gifts. The area in and around the house is constantly hosting some kind of party. Demons of Lust are frequent guests as are several different Ethereal Spirits that can afford to pay the Essence to get in.

As a combatant, Barbie is very poorly skilled. She prefers Songs of Charm and Harmony, which she excels at with her perfect voice. She also makes extensive use of the Song of Form to appear as any ethnicity she desires. And if things turn bloody, she has a staff of Servitors of Media on call to protect her.

The Host has different reactions to her. Laurence and David's angels treat any of her manifestations on Earth as they would any other Ethereal (This annoys Barbie, who thinks she rates more attention than a common Ethereal. Nybbas has had to explain that attention from Laurence or David is not what she wants). Christopher treats her with open hostility. Although a Barbie is the first doll many little girls get, he loathes the greed and self-image problems that she inspires. The rest of Heaven views her as a minor annoyance that will fade with time.

In a demonic campaign, Barbie could be a valuable ally as long as the demons remember that she is more important than they are. Demons who forget that may find themselves explaining their behavior to Nybbas. But if they remain properly fawning, she would even be willing to give them shelter in her realm. With an angelic campaign, Barbie will not be encountered too often. But her very nature would even grate on the nerves of Novalis' Servitors (who may be the first to reach for the chainsaws after the first ten minutes). Ethereals tend to have mixed feelings about her. Many envy her success but almost as many look forward to the day she is taken down a few notches.


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