Winston Churchill

By Moe Lane


Winston Churchill
Blessed Soul Without Portfolio

Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 3
Agility: 5
Ethereal Forces: 4
Intelligence: 7
Precision: 9
Celestial Forces: 3
Will: 6
Perception: 6

Skills: Artistry (Painting/1, Writing/4), Emote/6, Knowledge (History/6, Politics/6, Politics of the Seraphim Council/6, Research/6, Tactics/4), Languages (English/6, plus a bunch of others), Ranged Weapon/2 (pistol), Savoir-Faire/4

Songs: Harmony (All/4), Tongues (All/2)

Winston found death to be much like life, only more so.

Indeed, once the initial shock had passed (one never really knows how it's going to turn out in the end, after all), his new existence was quite satisfactory. The Library itself would have been sufficient: the books and research materials available made Heaven a delight - and the librarians were most accommodating when it came to helping him revise his History of the English - Speaking Peoples and The Second World War. The updated versions of both are considered to be the current last words in their respective fields. What was even better than the Library, however, was the Seraphim Council. Ransacking the Library was pleasurable.

Insinuating the Council was simply fun.

It should be remembered that the Seraphim Council is more than Archangels, powerful Seraphim and a handful of ancient Servitors of other Choirs. While the above may the only ones that actually vote on policy, any practical politician can tell you that underneath the surface is where the real work gets done. Every Council member has a staff who provides analysis, research and expert opinions on every topic germane to Heaven: even Superiors can't be everywhere nor do everything at once (if they could, they wouldn't need Servitors). The lower levels of the Council are thus incessantly busy.

Winston has set up shop here, and is currently having almost insane amounts of fun. His self-imposed task is to be the entity one goes to when one needs information: it seems that he knows everyone (or at least someone who knows someone who knows someone). The blessed soul will be happy to use whatever trifling influence he might have on your behalf, too. Don't bother asking for slanted materials, however: Blessed Churchill only helps with the acquisition of objective data. If it doesn't fit your prejudices, then change your prejudices. Don't try to get classified information out of him, either: the blessed soul always believed in the cliche about loose lips and sinking ships, and sees no reason to change his opinion now.

Most of the not-quite-harried Council staffers accept this with good enough humor: after all, Winston's office often the only place where a Servitor of War can get critical criminal justice statistical analyses from Judgement - or where a Dominican can acquire the latest reports on the fighting in the Balkans. Also, information gathered from him carries no ideological stigma, and neatly avoids awkward questions from higher-ups about fraternizing with political rivals. Well worth the trouble - and, if Winston should ask you later on for a bit of assistance, well ... why not? Quid pro quo was a word in Angelic long before it was a phrase in Latin.

By now, Blessed Churchill is a full-blown agent of influence (to use Trade's term): he's a honorary member of most Heavenly organizations that include blessed souls (from the Cadre to the Brotherhood of Historians to the Order of the Sacred Heart), and has personal friends everywhere. His personal suite of offices appeared in the Council Spires roughly three months after he began forging his network of contacts, and he now even has a not-quite-modest staff to help him coordinate his activities. Even Archangels recognize his specialized utility: the Archangel of Animals once called him 'the Spider' (one of the few times Jordi has been complimentary to a human in public), and by now the nickname has stuck.

Of course, Winston has an agenda: doesn't everyone? Setting up his web of mutual assistance was enjoyable and engrossing, but now that it mostly operates itself the blessed soul is ready to pursue his real goal. Before you wonder, it's hardly dishonorable, or even particularly secret. Blessed Churchill has had offers from the Archangels of Trade, Destiny, The Sword and Stone to formally join their respective services, but he never felt that he would fully fit in with any of them. Winston would like to work for an Archangel, however: one that deals exclusively with human politics, cultures and civilizations. Unfortunately, that current field is more or less divided among a half-dozen Archangels. There really should be an Archangel of Civics ... but there isn't.

So, Winston has decided to make one. He even has a candidate in mind - not that she realizes it yet. The Word inflation from Cities to Civics is logical enough, and David will almost certainly support the addition of another reliable vote on the Council, thus neutralizing the most likely opposition to Blessed Churchill's project. All he has to do is honestly convince enough of the right people, and 'public' opinion will do the rest. Then, Winston can hand over his current activities to his assistants and go work for someone who can get the most efficient use out of his talents. Everybody wins.

Well, yes, this sort of project does require high amounts of chutzpah, self-assurance and oratory if one is to have even a faint hope of success.

What's your point?


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