The Pyramid of Mars

By James Walker


Almost anybody can become a Mummy; from the stupidest to the smartest, the rich, the poor, the completely strange... it's not really surprising that an alien hunter would end up being Mummified.

Alfred Nobel has "known" that there were aliens living on Mars since he was a small child. This quirk wasn't a problem, as this was still considered a possibility at the time. Similarly, his desire to become an astronaut when he grew up was quite acceptable, with people assuming that he'd grow out of his belief that the reason to find aliens was to conquer them.

Alfred was only 9 years old when he learn about the Undead, and choose to be Mummified. His response of 'cool - so you don't need to breathe - so I could go to Mars!' amused a Kobalite Shedite who asked an allied Samingan to Mummify the boy.

It wasn't difficult to smuggle the boy aboard the Viking probe - or more accurately, his Mummified head; the Samingans can calculate very precisely how much damage a Mummy can take, and carved him down to the minimum - and remove an equivalent amount of sensors (as no one expects every piece of machinery on a probe to work, this went unnoticed). The Viking probe headed to Mars successfully, Alfred healed himself of the damage taken, and went looking for aliens to conquer.

That was 25 years ago. He got lost within the first few weeks, and has no idea where the probe is. He has been battered by storms, fallen down crevasses; once he was frozen under the dry ice; but no aliens - anywhere! Even an abandoned city, so that he could zombify a few servants would do. Sheer loneliness has driven him mad, and until recently, he wandered the landscape screaming threats at the Universe.

Now, however, he has a new plan. Humans will return to Mars one day; they will also expect aliens, surely? If Alfred can pass himself of as the alien ruler of the planet....the aliens will reveal themselves to protest, and he can conquer them.

Alfred has begun to build a pyramid for himself out of a mountain. It's not easy; even with his undead strength and Mars' low gravity the practical limits are huge. He has abandoned his attempt to construct a Pyramid, and is instead chipping away at the mountain, turning it into a Pyramidal shape, and trying to quarry corridors into it. He works feverishly, beating on the rock with other rocks, or cracking it with his Song of Ice, smoothing over cracks with Healing - horribly afraid that humans will arrive before he has finished; but refusing to reduce the size of his project - it must be massive!

Alfred Nobel
Mummy and fruitcake

(Alfred has 5 Forces, despite his youth, as he was sworn in with Oathtaking [gaining a 5th Force] before being mummified).

Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 9
Agility: 3
Ethereal Forces: 1
Intelligence: 2
Precision: 2
Celestial Forces: 1
Will: 1
Perception: 3

Vessel: Small boy/6

Skills: Area Knowledge(Martian Landscape)/3, Dance (strange bouncing action he uses when Healing)/3, Knowledge(Astronomy)/1, Singing(maniac chant)/2, Survival (Martian Landscape)/6.

Songs: Healing (Corporeal/6), Ice (Celestial/6).

Attunements: Zombify

Disadvantages: Discoloured(solar radiation and repeated storms have, despite his Healing Song, turned him an rust colour), Obsession (Conquer the Martians)/2. Also, his understanding of English has diminished over the quarter of a century since he heard it last.


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