Careful What You Ask...

By Cameron McCurry


"So you wanted to know about my story? I have no problem telling you; we both have all the time in the world for this. I'm effectively immortal and you're not going anywhere for a while."

The man settled into his chair and stared out the window as he collected his thoughts. "Eden was definitely paradise, but I would hesitate to call it Heaven on Earth. That's a disservice to the glory of Heaven in my opinion. We had seasons there, but the climate never bothered us. Whether that was from the manner of our creation or Divine Intervention, I am not sure even to this day."

"Ah, you also wanted to know about Lilith. Not a shock. Everyone who talks to me always asks about her. Let me just give you an idea about her based on a phrase I heard a few months back: No matter how gorgeous she is, there is always someone who got tired of putting up with her crap. Don't get me wrong; I still love her. She was my first love and my first wife. Yes, she exercised the free will God gave her and chose what she called freedom. The problem with Lilith is that her grasp of freedom is shaky. She has always seen freedom as doing whatever she wanted without consequences. She believed in that so thoroughly when Lucifer gave her power, she sold her children into slavery without hesitation. And yes, I heard the stories about how I rejected her because I wanted her to be subservient or she wanted to be on top during sex." The man rolled his eyes and shook his head. "It's a bit more accurate to say that I rejected her because of the selfishness I saw in her. I had hoped she would change, but she took her own path and I let her go."

The man stretched and watched the sun rise through his window. "And so Eve was made from a part of me. You know the rest of course. That whole thing with the Tree of Knowledge, getting chased out of Eden by an angel with a flaming sword, blah, blah blah. Contrary to what some people or demons may have said, I never held any grudge towards Eve about that. I think it was inevitable that one of us would eat that fruit. I was angry with God for a while for being little more than a lab rat for Heaven. But by the time I knew the term lab rat, I had gotten over my anger centuries ago."

"So I put the knowledge that I gained to good use. Eve and I found a place to settle down and raise a few children. After a few centuries, I went to Heaven. But I was restless there. I knew I could do so much on Earth and I chose to go back. And that is what has kept me on Earth for so long. My time on Earth and what I had gained from the Tree of Knowledge changed me just as Lilith was changed by Lucifer." The man stood and walked over to the chair where the Shedite struggled to free her host. The Corrupter never knew that her search for facts on the First Man would lead to this. The smile he gave her filled her with more fright than she had ever known.

"Which brings me to you, Shedite. Do you remember that man you tried taking over three days ago? That was what brought you to my attention." He leaned close and put his hand on the chest of the person the Corrupter was riding. The demon's world was filled with the expression on Adam's face.

"Lilith has her Daughters. I have my Sons. And I donít appreciate filth like you trying to bring them to harm."

The Shedite screamed as she was ripped away from her host. Adam took his time in killing it.


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