Gone To Graveyards 3: Gone To Young Girls

By Prodigal


Dominic glanced back to confirm that Crater was still happily napping in Bronwyn's lap, then drew to his full height to address the Seraphim Council.

"I apologize for calling you away from your duties," the Archangel of Judgment began, glancing among his gathered fellows, "But I have three items that I felt were too important to wait for one of our regularly-scheduled gatherings."Recent events have led me to the conclusion that I am not performing my duties to the best of my ability..."

Several among the Council found the lack of the expected derisive snort from Michael as much of a surprise as Dominic's admission.

"And so," Dominic continued, "I have chosen to travel to Earth, the better to clarify my own judgment. In my absence, I name Bronwyn to head the operations of Judgment. Further, I request that the Council grant her the Word of Justice, the better to enable her to fill my place while I am gone."

Dominic waited patiently for the tumult of shocked voices to subside, and then cleared his throat. "And for the final item, I bring a candidate for Redemption. Novalis would have been the best choice to handle this task, but her loss leaves us with the necessity of choosing another to stand in her stead."

"I believe this one is known to you all," Dominic said, gesturing the candidate who wore a cloak similar to his own forward. The furor that erupted as Andrealphus drew her hood back would have been deafening, had any present had human ears.

"She has been simply standing there since asking for you," the seneschal had told Dominic, its vessel's face pale, "She does nothing to tempt us, but she is a Prince! Should we have left her unmolested? In peace, I mean," the cherub had continued as it realised the exact words it had used in relation to the Prince of Lust.

"You have served me faithfully," Dominic said calmly as he strode into the tether's antechamber. "And now," he had asked Andrealphus, "Why have you come to a tether of Judgment? Have you somehow forgotten that as you are a sworn enemy of all that is holy, I should destroy you?"

"I no longer care," the languid reply came, "The void within me calls for me to face judgment, and so you were the only one whom I felt it proper to call upon. I can no longer continue as I am, so I ask you for either redemption or oblivion. I leave the choice to you."

Dominic had invoked his resonance, and absorbed the Truth of Andrealphus' words in mixed shock and approval.

"Wear this," he told the former Prince of Lust as he offered her a cloak, "It will shield you from the light of Heaven until such time as we find the one who is best suited to redeem you."

The distinguished man relaxed on a bench in the park, dividing his time between watching a kitten chasing the birds and listening to the pleasant young woman sitting beside him.

"We all have been forced to admit our surprise at how well she is fitting into the Wind's organization," she said, "But the intelligence she has delivered to us has proved invaluable to the War's progress."

"And how are you enjoying your duties and your new status as Archangel of Justice?"

"Between the two of them, I gain a greater understanding of why you have been forced to set both temporarily aside," Bronwyn answered.

"Good," Dominic replied with what would have been an uncharacteristic smile before he had chosen to take a leave of absence, "Then you will understand when I ask that you not deliver further reports to me unless I call upon you. The longer it is that duty pursues me, the longer it shall be before I am ready to face it once more. I promise not to keep you waiting for my return longer than is absolutely necessary, however."

"That would be unjust, after all," Dominic concluded with a soft chuckle.

Bronwyn smiled. "I understand," she replied, "And I look forward to the day of your return. Until then, I will respect your wishes." And with a rush of air, she vanished.

"I thought she'd never leave."

Dominic whirled around to face the source of the soft voice behind him, but recognition drove away all alarm in favor of laughter.

"I wondered how long it would be until I ran into you," he said.

Eli grinned as he stroked Crater behind the ears.

"You're finally ready to begin seeing what I've been up to during my own walkabout," the Archangel of Creation answered him. "I hate to rush you, but there's too much for me to show you, and too little time to do it in. You ready?"

Dominic pondered for a long moment, and then nodded.


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