Kobal On Haagenti

By Prodigal


"They all wonder why I supported the little goblin in cementing his claim to princehood. Some of them even manage not to get it completely wrong.

"Afraid he'd eat me? Not hardly. He'd have gone for Belial long before he even thought about sinking his teeth in me, never fear. But he'd have wound up being the one on the spit instead of the one turning it if I hadn't reined him in, and we can't have that, now can we?

"Or rather, I can't have that. I have plans for you, dear 'brother.'

"I forget which human said that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but he was pretty smart for a bald monkey. And everybody thinks that he's digested everybody he's eaten... I'm sorry, but it is to laugh.

"When the final battle comes, one of the facists up high is going to manage to split Haagenti open. And then, all those angels and demons he's eaten are going to pop out of him like candy from a pinata. Or to put it a bit more accurately, like a legion of cornered rats desperate to take out their anger and claustrophobia on anything stupid enough to come within reach.

"And the the joke will be on both sides of the War, now won't it?"


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