4th-Year Fruit

By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


As per traditional Jewish custom, fruit trees are not to be harvested for the first three years that they produce fruit. Like many such customs, this makes a certain amount of practical sense: it gives a grove of trees a chance to properly grow and propagate. However, the fourth year is also forbidden (the fruit being reserved for the Almighty), for a somewhat more ... esoteric reason (or, at least one of the reasons is esoteric): it helps cut down on the use of alchemy.

The below alchemical creations all require a type of special ingredient: a specific fruit gathered during the fourth year that a tree has produced, well, fruit. An observant follower of Judaism must have planted and tended the tree, and must also own the land on which the tree grows. Needless to say, in eras where religious intolerance was the norm, such fruit was extremely sorcerously valuable. Even today, getting the needed ingredients can be tricky in some places (especially since celestials familiar with sorcery will know to watch out for suspicious individuals during the critical year). The alchemist will need 10lb for each level of alchemy desired.

Elixir of Knowledge (Apple) - This potion will provide the user with one use of the Corporeal Song of Symphony.

Wine of Youth (Grape) - A bottle of this wine, when properly made and racked, will make one person younger. Unlike the other alchemical rituals, the alchemist needs 100lb of special grapes for each level, and has no way of knowing which bottle will have the Song imbued in it (any other wine made during the process will simply make the person feel young for the next 12 hours). The alchemist should also know how to actually make wine (at a skill level of 6).

Dowsing Rod (Melon) - Made out of dried and pressed rinds, the Rod will utilize the Corporeal Song of Affinity to detect water. This 'relic' must be stored in water until it is ready to be used: once removed, it will only last for a number of days equal to the check digit.

Traveler's Rations (Olive) - Bread baked as part of this ritual will produce a limited effect of the Corporeal Song of Succor: it will only feed one person per level per day, but keeps indefinitely. The alchemist must also know how to bake bread (again, at a skill level of 6).

Essence of Fireturning (Orange) - This perfume requires that the alchemist know the Corporeal Song of Fire: however, instead of producing it, it prevents it. Once applied (six doses per level), the user will be completely protected _once_ from taking damage from any kind of fire (if not used, the perfume will fade after 6 hours, thus eliminating any protection).

Candle of Choking (Peach or Almond) - The wax is impregnated with both the fruit and the Corporeal Song of Poison (how even a few alchemists managed to learn this Song is unknown). The effect goes off five cumulative minutes after the candle is lit, and will effect a one-yard radius for each level of the creation.


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