By Moe Lane


No, it's not a nuke, alas.

These one-shot relics are considered ideal for cleaning out ethereal infestations. When triggered, they release the Ethereal Song of Words upon the target. Observers - and more importantly, the target - will see what appears to be an sudden cloud of razor sharp letters appear and pierce the target's very soul (it's called an A-bomb because, for some reason, using the letter A works better than any other letter). This relic, unlike the standard Ethereal Song of Words, will also do half damage to anyone close to the target: until the EPG comes out, this will be a GM call (but as a general rule, if somebody can reach out and touch the target, they can be affected). However, also unlike the regular Song, this relic may be Dodged...

These relics are, most emphatically, restricted to the ethereal plane - but Kobal sneaks them onto Earth (and into the hands of the worthy) from time to time. He can't help himself.


Relic/6 (Ethereal Song of Words variant): 18pt
Self-powered: 0pt
Fragility: Easy to Destroy: -2pt
Extra Disturbance (6pt): -3pt
Celestial Artifact Destroyed when corporeal form destroyed: -4pt
One Use: /4

Final Cost: 3.

Sometimes a milder but tougher version (Relic/5, Fragile, Extra Disturbance (4)) is issued. Final cost: 2.


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