Amphora of Dionysus

By Moe Lane (


This ceramic amphora is unique - for the moment. There's more than a few celestials looking for it, though.

The Amphora of Dionysus essentially turns water into wine - wholesale. Using a variant of the Corporeal Song of Succor, the artifact will change up to 10 gallons of water into extremely good wine for every 2 Essence spent. The Essence will be automatically subtracted from the artifact's user (who doesn't need to be able to control his or her Essence, or even know what Essence is). The wine will turn back into water after six hours: as a beneficial side effect, this means that a hangover will not occur.

Unfortunately, there's an even greater inimical side effect. The relic can also 'bestow' the Song of Bedlam (see separate entry). The Song of Succor variant actually only costs 1 Essence: the other is used to fuel the Song of Bedlam, which will take effect on a random drinker of the wine. As the Song of Bedlam requires 3 Essence to work, the effect isn't going to be immediately obvious - but when it does finally go off, the results can be messy...

Relic/6 (Corporeal Song of Succor variant) 18pt
Useable by anyone 6pt
Relic/3 (Song of Bedlam) 6pt
Useable by anyone 3pt
Both Relics are Self-powered 0pt
Vulnerable: Celestial Artifact destroyed -4pt
Convenience: Bulky -1pt
Activation time: 1 Hour -3pt
Visibility: Automatically Detectable -3pt
No Essence Capacity for Succor -2pt


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