The Book of Antioch

By Harvey Mills


Just a few thought on the Holy Hand Grenade while I couldn't sleep :)

The Book of Antioch details a simple ritual that enables a team of two Soldiers (the chanter and the bearer) to convert a censer or censor like object to an explosive device, similar to a grenade.

The chanter recites from the Book of Antioch while the bearer swings the 'grenade'. Either the chanter or the bearer transfers Essence the grenade, between 0 and 6 points. This takes a round to complete. Each point of Essence +1 to the power of the grenade.

The bearer then has three rounds to release the grenade, before it self destructs, using Throwing skill. If a censer, burning incense, has been used the bearer gets +2 to his skill.

Ambitious teams may create two grenades simultaneously with the bearer and the chanter providing essence for each.

The grenades cause a disturbance of 2+Essence when they detonate.


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