Button Men: Eli

By Daniel Sauve


This special relic is invaluble in a convention setting. Eli created it (on a whim naturally), or so it is said. It holds 12 essence. It preforms a highly focused version of Etherial Attraction/5, Celestial Charm/5, and Celestial Form/6. The user, upon entering a convention, can appear to be a member of a gaming company's design team, a famous sci- fi author, ecetra. For some reason, divine intervention invokes Steve Jackson or James Ernest's visage... as does Infernal. It is unknown why... though suggestion either is God or Lucifer have been rigorously contested by the Archangel of Archives. The songs of Charm are limited to the gaming community, with a +2 to the CD if an attendie is a fan of the work of the designer/author/personality being impersonated. A Favorable intervention will have varying effects, but an unfavorable one almost always involves getting lynched for a precieved flaw in one of the personality's works. The artifact is always lost by the user as they leave the con they used it at.

(It worked surprisingly well in my mid bright/ contrast game, though the potenial in a silly game is there...)

And, yes, it can be used as an actual Button Man. People who are not celestially aware will read the title as "ELI: Little Know Creative Genius".

Here are the BM stats, for completion's sake.

Eli, Archangel of Creation

His walkabout around the world has raised a few ires in (Heaven/ Gaming Companies [as appropriate]). He can create, destroy, and Beat People Up.*
R!/S! T!/U! V?/X? W!/Y! Z

Rules Text

Any time Eli has three dice (no more, no less) showing one, all dice captured are returned to their owners and all dice re-roled. Any time Eli has three dice (no more, no less) showing six, his opponent gets those dice as if they were captured.

Design Notes

Yes, Eli has Turbo Swings up the wazoo. He's, in my mind, one of the wildcards in In Nomine.

The mood swings represent his current-- eccentricities.

And Eli has Option Dice-- each with two swings! Note that the OPTION is not turbo, and thus can only be changed at the start of a game or the end of a round Eli loses in.

I've tested the DIVINE and INFERNAL INTERVENTION rules text. Works surprisingly well.


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