Comfort Bears

By Cameron McCurry


All too often, children get forgotten when tragedy strikes. Many people simply don't understand that children deal with traumatic situations differently than adults do. Heaven tries to minimize the damage done to the innocent in The War, but they are not always successful.

It was a human police officer who came up with a solution that drew the attention of the Archangel of Children. He was responding to a child abuse call early on his shift. He found a little boy that had been brutally mistreated by his father all of his life. The child was terrified about all of these people in his house and inconsolable. The officer went to his car and came back with a teddy bear that was going to be a gift for his newborn son.

Almost instantly, the boy responded. He clung to the bar with a desperate strength and a need for love that he wasn't getting. After a few hours, he began to tell the officer what had happened to him. And the next day, the officer went out to collect as many stuffed animals as he could in the hopes that his department could help other children in the same way.

Christopher mobilized every one of his Servitors in the area to help out with the drive. One of his Soldiers, a member of the city's television station, made sure that the actions of the police officer were noticed and that other people could be persuaded to donate stuffed animals to this cause.

And then the Archangel of Children came up with an idea to help this out even more. He chose several Relievers that he felt would be able to handle being on Earth and showed potential to become Cherubim or Mercurians. The little spirits were taught the Ethereal Song of Harmony and actually inhabited the teddy bears. The comfort that they brought to many distraught children has been immeasurable.

A Comfort Bear is indistinguishable from a regular teddy bear. Its soft plush body can handle being clung to hard and the fur absorbs tears without problems. The Relievers inside the bear take no direct action while on Earth other than to sing the Song of Harmony to help calm the little one that they look after. They also serve as Christopher's eyes and ears and they know where to find the nearest angel of Children if there are problems that they can't handle. Otherwise, they stay inside the bear until it is determined that the child has healed from it's ordeal. So far, the project has been very successful and many young souls are turned away from a Fate of carrying on the pattern of abuse on other children.


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