The Crown of St. Edbert

By Moe Lane


Well, probably not, unless St. Edbert had a golden crown with a faceted diamond inset at the front (hint: extremely unlikely). The Crown is a mild talisman (Knowledge: Law), relic (Ethereal Song of Tongues) and dedicated Reliquary/1: it must be worn in plain sight to work.

This is a problem. While attractive, by modern standards it's extremely gaudy: the hassles of owning it overwhelm whatever modest advantages are gained from using it. The vicissitudes of the War have long since relegated it to a museum, where it is pretty much lay hidden in plain sight. No celestial has ever needed its abilities badly enough to go steal it.

However, a mortal thief decided to go steal it anyway (strictly for its monetary value): he discovered its telepathic abilities fairly quickly, and is now in the process of carving out a nice little criminal empire for himself. Pretty soon someone's going to have to go and take it away from him...

Crown of St. Edbert

Relic/3 (Ethereal Song of Tongues) 9pt
Talisman/1 (+1 to Knowledge: Law) 2pt
Reliquary/1 (only with Ethereal Song of Tongues) 2pt
Use Enhancement (any one can use Ethereal Song of Tongues) +3pt
Visibility: automatically visible -3pt
Vulnerability: celestial artifact destroyed with corporeal form -4pt

Total: 9pt


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