Eye Kites

By Moe Lane (moelane_1999@yahoo.com)


These artifacts are always in the form of a kite: whether angelic or demonic, they will always have a pair of eyes incorporated into the design.

The primary purpose of this relic is to provide a discreet way of getting a better view of things without blatant about it. A user may, through concentration, see things through the Eye Kite's perspective. This _will_ fulfill the 'line of sight' requirement for the appropriate Songs, Attunements or Resonances (albeit at a -4).

However, while using this artifact, the user will be oblvious to things going on around him: also, damage done to the kite itself will get transmitted to the user. In fact, the above 'line of sight' requirement also applies to the appropriate Songs, Attunements or Resonances directed _at_ the user (with the same penalties)...

Relic/3 (special: acts as a alternate method of visualization. Allows remote use of abilities, but makes subject equally vulnerable to same). 12pt

Harms user: (Special: when relic damaged, user takes same amount of body hits) -2pt

Use Restriction: full concentration -2pt

Vulnerability: celestial artifact destroyed when corporeal artifact destroyed. -4

Final cost: 4


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