Great Hero

By Moe Lane


Apparently, Eli was hungry.

The Great Hero resembles - well, actually, it is - a three-foot submarine sandwich (ham, cheese, bologna, onions, lettuce, oil and vinegar, mayonnaise and a little pepper). Among other things, it's the tastiest submarine sandwich that you'll ever taste in your entire life.

The powers of the Great Hero are two. First, it's got a variation of the Corporeal Song of Succor that will let you carve off pieces and feed them to people. Carving off pieces never diminishes the mass (and, in fact, cannot be done without activating the Song). The Great Hero never grows stale.

Second, and possibly more importantly, it's a fairly potent weapon (use the statistics for a Long Sword). The Fiery Weapon feature takes some getting used to, but the look on your opponent's face alone is worth the hassles. No one is precisely sure why Eli needed a three foot, flaming submarine sandwich that could punch through steel: very few people are sure whether they want to know.

Some things are better off as mysteries.

Great Hero

Long Sword/6 (Special effect: submarine sandwich) 6pt
Relic/2 (Corporeal Song of Succor variant) 6pt
Fiery Sword/1 (Variant) 3pt
Unbreakable +5pt
Visibility: automatically Detectable -4pt
Disturbance: 3 points per use (Constant) -3pt
Vulnerability: celestial Artifact destroyed if corporeal artifact destroyed -4pt

Total: 9pt


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