Magic Rings

By James Walker


Although the Greatest Rings were destroyed or lost their power many millennia ago, Magic Rings still turn up in the hoards of Dragons or Undead. Their ability to turn their wearer invisible is their most famous trait; wearing a Ring has the effect of the ethereal Song of Form at a level equal to the wearer's Total Forces, without creating a Disturbance, and with an unlimited duration. They also prevent the loss of attributes from aging, but the wearer gains Discord in it's place, depending on the attribute that would have been lost:

Strength: Nocturnal
Agility: Evil Warning
Intelligence: Obsession (the Ring)
Precision: Greed
Will: Paranoia
Perception: Emotional Static
Charisma: Aura
Toughness: Unnerving Stare

Once the ring wielder has taken a specific form of Discord, they may opt to take additional levels to gain extra attributes/levels of advantage. These bonus levels do not count towards gaining extra Forces, and cannot allow increases above racial maximums.

If aging would cause a loss of an attribute and the associated Discord has reached level 6, then the ring's owner begins to 'fade', becoming permanently invisible. Each attribute loss prevented causes a level of Ugly and cause a penalty of 1 to all Perception checks to see the character (but not to otherwise detect or sense them).

Magical Rings are Superior level artifacts, and all superiors who know how to make them have forsworn the practice. However existing Rings are often Enchanted with other abilities by lesser enchanters as either Talismans or relics.


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