Magic Wands

By James Walker


Whether you're a Fairy Godmother, budding sorcerer or elven queen, your magic wand is an essential piece of equipment. Here a few that can turn up in In Nomine:

Glass Wands - these have been turning up over the last century. The wands have unpredictable effects, but if waved in the general direction of a problem something helpful will happen. Each Wand is linked to a Habbalite of The Media, and the Habbalite may use Songs, attunements and his resonance through the wand; as the wand 'tapes' the last five minutes or so and 'plays back' this information instantaneously when the wand is called on, the habbalite normally knows how to respond. The Habbalites' actions through the wand cause no disturbance if the wand has been called on, (this is a unique twist of the Habbalite of The Media attunement). The Habbalite can use his Songs, attunements and resonance through the wand without being invoked, but doing so causes disturbance as normal - at both the location of the wand and the Habbalite's location.

Invoking a glass wand costs the wielder a point of temporary Will; lost points are regained at a rate of a one point per week. If the wielder of the wand drops to zero Will, he becomes a Servant (level/1) of the Habbalite. These wands cost 10 points for a Habbalite of the Media; possession of one costs nothing except your soul. (Cheap at twice the price!)

Flesh Wands - the ultimate phallic symbol, these wands are created by Soldiers of Lust using a selection of Andre's 'special' Numinous Corpus. Although very useful for enhancing the targets sexual characteristics, the wands have a second, secret use: the target's gender can be changed, making it very useful for spies or anyone trying to shake a pursuer. As this is a modified NC, the target can turn the effect on or off at will. Enhancements cost one essence, gender change costs two essence; the effect lasts for CD hours. Cost is 4 points/level, and they can be used by any Symphonically Aware being in human form.

Wand of Fire - created by Gabrielites, Ignes and Belialites, these iron rods are pretty common. They are also very essence intensive, and require a Will roll to use. Invoking the wand causes a fireball; each point of essence spend increases damage by 3 points (base damage is zero) or increases the number of targets who can be effected by one (a base one target is affected). If the Will roll is failed, the essence is lost; if the CD of a failed Will roll is lower than the number of people affected the fireball goes off, burning the wielder of the wand. The cost of a Wand of Fire is 3*the maximum amount of essence which can be spent on damage.

Crystal Wand - these appear as copper tubes (about as thick as your thumb) with a large crystal glued into each end. They are Living Artifacts, created from captured angels/Remnants of Stone; the victim no longer has any Ethereal or Celestial Forces and will use the Cold Touch attunement if feed the necessary essence - the wand will affect a target within 12 yards (the wand extends a tendril of existence out that far, allowing it to 'touch' the target). Even if the Artifact possesses other attunements, it lack the intelligence necessary to understand how to use them. Possession of one of these wands is considered 'striking the first blow' by the Trogs, as you have started the fight by capturing/crippling their comrade.

Wand of Sleep - Created by Blandine, and granted to her Soldiers and ethereal allies for exception service (anything that would earn an angel a Distinction), these wands are Living Artifacts, containing a single Ethereal Force with the Vassal of Dreams attunement. The wand draws the target into the Marches; the wands wielder is unaffected unless he is the target. The wand can only be used on one individual at a time, reactivating when the target leaves Blandine's half of the Vale. The Wand knows it's owner and will not function for anyone else unless told to do so by Blandine. It will also cease functioning if its' owner kills anyone who is asleep/unconscious.

Wishing Wand - These wands can do almost anything; they are Superior level relics created by Lilith, and contain part of her presence. Failing to successfully invoke Lilith when offering a Geas/6 as part of the invocation will usually result in one of these turning up. The wielder of the wand can fulfil wishes using the wand; making a wish results in the beneficiary owing a Geas to Lilith. The wand cannot be used unless a wish is made, and must be used to be kept; the wand will remain with it's 'owner' for a year, plus one day for every wish fulfilled - it then vanishes. It will also vanish if the wielder attempts to give it to a member of the Host.


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