The Partition

By Cameron McCurry


Servitors of Flowers are the nicest angels anyone ever meets. They are always patient and kind even to demons. They get sent on missions that need a more diplomatic touch or when they are required to make things less bloody.

But let's face it; everyone has their breaking point. There comes a time when you have to stop being nice and smack someone around. For angels of Flowers it's not that easy for them. They have to set the example for peaceful resolutions of conflict and don't wish anyone to see them snap.

Needless to say, The Partition was a blessing and a half.

The Partition (No one's really come up with a better name) folds up to a 3 inch square for easy transport. When it's unfolded, it expands to seven feet high by four feet wide. It appears as a simple white colored wall that stands firmly wherever it's set down on.

The purpose of The Partition is quite simple. When it's unfolded and the angel takes a demon behind it, neither can be seen and no disturbance to The Symphony can be heard. Usually, the most that can be heard is the sound of pummeling and yelps of pain. People have noticed that the angel seems amiable once again, while the demon that went behind it is rather bruised.

Jean refuses to talk to anyone about how these are made, Novalis sighs and realizes that sometimes her people need to smack some fool demon around and accepts it's use and Vapula has yet to reverse engineer it. And this artifact has developed quite a reputation amongst demons. They know when a Flower Child starts unfolding that screen, they better start acting nice or learn what their pain threshold is.


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