Seraph-Proof Paper

By Michael Cleveland


"Hey, would you come look at this? There's something weird about this message..."

"Sure. Ok, let's... OW! What the.. Laurence does NOT look good in a toga? What? (flipping sound) It doesn't say anything about that!"

"Here, let me try it again... Aie. The... No, Dominic is NOT wearing lingerie underneath the cloak. But..."

"Yeah, tell me about it. It's not on there. I can read the words, but when I really look... There's a Malakite of Judgment who's funding operations by selling calendars to Lilim. Gah. I.."

"That's just wrong. This is a load of... ahem. Yeah. Ok, I never wanted to know that about Andrealphus. Where did you get this?"

Seraph-Proof Paper

Very simple stuff, really... regular heavy grade paper impregnated with hundreds of microfibers with some of the most horrifying heresies and BS ever imagined. Any Seraph who tries to use his resonance on any message written on the paper has to score a CD higher than the level of the roll of paper or catch something from the microfibers as the greatest lie...

There's a catch, though - whoever makes this stuff (and nobody will admit to making it) has The Goods. About 5% of the messages in the microfibers are true, and they're the sort of thing that you just can't get... but you can't trust your resonance on this stuff. I mean, it doesn't say which Servitor of Stone came up with a sexual technique that Andrealphus hasn't tried, or how many teddy bears are in Asmodeus's collection... and even if it did, how could you trust it?

A simple photocopy of the page will allow for the message to be resonated, but on the resonance roll, if the CD is not over half the level of the paper, the truth will only come across as known by the person that xeroxed it, rather than the original writer.

There's one other effect of this stuff is what leads most people to believe that a Superior came up with this stuff, though none of them are admitting to it - if a sufficient amount of essence is put into it the paper will block a Seraph from scanning what's underneath it. Making it the perfect thing for wrapping presents for inquisitive and overcurious Archangels who hate surprises...

Cost: 4/level, but can not be openly purchased as no one knows who makes the stuff. Can occasionally be found in and amongst other finds. Automatically detectable as a relic if changed with Essence - in any other case appears completely normal until resonated.


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