By Moe Lane


This relic resembles a certain well-known award given out for excellence in cinema. Close examination of a Statuette will show up the differences: the color is slightly off, there's the faintest hint of horns on the figure's head, and at any rate the inscription is invariably "Ishtar: Best Picture". Statuettes are Talismans: Emote (adds to skill), and are unique in that the user doesn't need to carry the item.

Servitors of the Media often use this talisman as sort of ... a pick-me-up ... for their 'clients'. After all, the Life is a demanding one: there's all those parties, all those publicity stunts, all those drugs and debauchery - and not enough time to sleep. After a while, it can seriously drain a person. Thanks to this little baby, though, none of it matters. Just fondle it a little in the morning, just before starting filming, and you'll be on top of your form for the rest of the day. No fuss, no muss.

Of course, the specialized design features (Nybbas won't ever use the word 'bugs') of the relic ensure that prolonged use will kill you, but what the Hell? Live large, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.

Talisman/6 (Emote) (Adds to skill) 12pt
Activation: 5 minute invocation -2pt
Convenience: Doesn't need to be carried (special) +5pt
Harms User: Body Hits -2pt
Harms User: Soul Hits (can remove a Force) -4pt
Visibility: Automatically Detectable -3pt

Total: 6pt


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