By Moe Lane (


Vapula swears - he swears - that he didn't create this artifact. Nobody believes him, but they should - for one thing, even he's not insane enough to manufacture something like this: for another, it works perfectly. Of course, neither Jean nor Eli would create something like this, either. It's just one of those little mysteries, apparently.

The Gun looks like a cap pistol. To use, point at someone and pull the trigger. The target (which must be a living human, ethereal or celestial) gets to make a Will roll at -6 to resist the effects. If he or she fails, then the modified Celestial Song of Life takes effect -

Why, yes, I did say "Celestial Song of Life". May I continue?

Thank you.

Anyway, the modified Celestial Song of Life takes effect. Humans will immediately be transformed into a reliever, imp or gremlin (GM call which, based on whether the person is nice or not) of the same number of Forces. Ethereals are turned into a pillar of salt. Actually, that's a lie: they get turned into a pillar of Primordial Clay (level equal to their Forces). Celestials - well, that's the strange one. They get turned into a 7 Force human: any extra Forces are turned into 1 Force babies, which will grow up into perfectly normal 7 Force humans themselves.

There's also a very loud boom.

Why, yes, the effects are permanent - and of course anyone could use the relic. Every Superior on both sides is screaming for a reason, after all...


(Come on. Aren't you even a little curious about how far above your budget this little toy is?)

Relic/6 (Modified version of Celestial Song of Life) 48pt Reliquary/6 (only useable with Relic) 12pt Self-Powered +0pt Use Enhancement: anyone may use relic +6pt Use Enhancement: anyone may use reliquary to fuel Song +3pt Fragility: _really_ Unbreakable +8pt Disturbance: Continuous Disturbance (6pt) -6pt Activation Time: 1 round +1pt Visibility: Instantly recognizable-3pt

Total: 69 points. Rumors of a one-shot version of this relic (cost: 12 points) are completely fanciful.


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