When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Seraph

By James Walker


When I grow up, I want to be a Seraph!

When flipping through the choirs, choosing what you want to play, remember that a reliever who choose to become a Seraph probably wasn't thinking about his resonance/Dissonance conditions. After all, you can't lie in Heaven; Seraphim cannot get dissonance for doing so nor can they catch others out.*

And this suits the Seraphim fine. Seraphim love Heaven, and when they travel to earth, it's to make earth a little more like Heaven. But that's not something they can really explain - it's too personal, needs to be experienced.

So why do relievers choose to become Seraphim? Although they can see Ofanim streaking across the sky, or hear what the Malakim, Mercurians & Elohim learn, they never see a Seraph in action. Well, there are two special reasons: Firstly, the Seraphim are the most Divine choir. Looking up from the Lower Heavens, a reliever can see Jacob's Ladder stretching into the sky. What's up there? Unknown. Who's up there? God himself. To a devout reliever, becoming a little closer to God is sufficient reason to choose to be a Seraph, to belong to the same choir as Michael, 'he who is like God'. (The fact that Michael brained Lucifer wouldn't hurt either)! One possible reason for Seraphim being impatient with humans is their knowledge of what humans are risking by not accepting their Destiny - the personal knowledge of God with the Seraph longs for.

Secondly, Seraphim in Heaven are superb Song masters. Gaining a bonus to the CD equal to their CelForces means that the greatest effects will always by by Seraphim. {Of course, the Songs which are useful in heaven aren't always the same as on earth; CelSleep and Trisagion would be the two most useful in Heaven; one of the few to be useful in both realms is Projection}. So any reliever who loves performing Songs is going to be interested in the Most Holy, as is any inspired by the beauty of the performances.

Despite the status attached to being a Seraph, the pursuit of power is unlikely to be a motivation to join the choir. Firstly, most Relievers aren't motivated by such concerns. Secondly, 'power' to the little ones is more likely to be understood as the blazing might of a Malakite or Ofanite. Purer motives would prevail in the decision to become a trisagionist.

*Of course, there'll be Seraphim muttering in Yves' library, and writing literary criticism on the books written elsewhere in the Symphony.


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