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In Nomine: A Very Nybbas Christmas – Cover

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In Nomine: A Very Nybbas Christmas

Available as a digital file!

Written by Alain H. Dawson + Art by Dan Smith
GURPS Character Conversions by Elizabeth McCoy and Kimara Bernard

23 pages. PDF. + Price: Free! + Stock number 37-3340
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Nybbas, the Demon Prince of the Media, has a plan to move the meaning of Christmas even more toward the secular and commercial – make it last all year! It's not as crazy as it sounds, and there are reasons that forces on both sides might want to see it happen. This fun-filled In Nomine scenario can be played by characters from either side, as either a part of your regular campaign or as a change of pace. And this edition includes GURPS In Nomine stats for all NPCs in the adventure!

"A Very Nybbas Christmas" was originally published in the online version of Pyramid, but this is the first time you can get it in PDF form . . . and it's free!


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