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ERRATA - In Nomine Infernal Player's Guide - July 23, 2010

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P. 3: The mailing list subscription information is no longer current. It should be changed to "Go to to subscribe."

P. 12: In "Raphael, one of the eldest of the host, the bright Archangel of Knowledge" change "bright" to "Elohite".

P. 84, Infernal Reproduction: Last sentence above "Making a New Demon" should be changed to: "Sometimes . . . demons may wish to have children."

Below Making a New Demon, second paragraph, change the second and third sentences to: "Malphas and Asmodeus are almost as tough to deal with, because both hate to see Infernals caring about anything but themselves, such as lovers or children. It shows that a would-be parent lacks the fine selfishness and self-absorption that is the hallmark of a proper Diabolical."

Third paragraph, last part of the second sentence: "and then presenting them with a neurotic demonling, or a mindless idiot."

Fourth paragraph, first sentence: "Andrealphus and Vapula have a reputation for being the easiest Princes to approach, should demons want a child."

Fourth paragraph, last part of the sentence: "children created with his help always have some mutation of form or a level of Discord that cannot be removed."

P. 85, first paragraph: change to: "Once a Prince's cooperation has been secured, the demons join their celestial forms in writhing union, personal symphonies scraping against each other, and each parent contributes at least one Force to make up the new being. The Prince may choose to take more, of course! The Superior then binds the contributed Forces together, and may add more ripped from the Symphony or drawn from his own store. The result is a new infernal being."

P. 85, Little Devils: Replace this section entirely with:

A Prince may present the parents with a demonling of less than 7 Forces, or a full-fledged demon of any Band he desires (save Lilim). Without outside influence, the newborn will take after whichever parent contributed the most Forces - including the Prince himself, if he added any! If the child is a demonling, it will be an imp or gremlin according to the memetic influences of its parents' Forces, but even a child of same-Band parents might exert its free will and fledge differently, such as a child of Habbalah becoming a Balseraph.

The exception is, as always, the Band of Lilim. Lilith has been known to create Lilim with donated Forces from other demons - but while such Daughters may have "fathers" and "mothers," their Mother is Lilith herself. (See In Nomine Superiors: Lilith, P. 9.)

A fledged demon may be a fully functional adult in power and Forces, but Hell is dangerous to the ignorant and naive. The newborn's parents must give their child a fast education in how to survive, and use what pull they have to get the youngster a safe job - usually as a protected underling, minion, or (for demonling children) familiar to its parent or parents.

While demons are created from infernal Forces, they are individuals, and arguably tainted by their parents' affection for each other - or at least the willingness to have a child of their Forces at all! No matter how loyal the parents, the young Infernal may wind up seeking out Heaven. This is embarrassing for the Prince who created it, and frequently fatal for the parents.

There are also stories of "spontaneous redemption" of these children; it is unsafe to discuss such rumors overmuch in Hell.

Replace the Half-Breeds section with:

It's rare for demons to fall in love at all, but they can, and not just with other demons. Demons have formed relationships with Renegades, ethereals, mortals, and even angels. And some foolish demons have sought children.

When all members are non-humans, the process is essentially the same as for demons alone - if they can find a Superior to assist. (Beleth can be surprisingly helpful when creating demons from ethereally-donated Forces; she even leaves the ethereal alive most of the time, though as a slave to Nightmares.)

Princes are usually delighted to help angels and demons become parents, despite the inherent unreliability of a demon who is actually in love with an angel, and not just a magnificent actor. The angel is either on the path to Falling or stupid enough to believe the Prince won't use the child against it. Naturally, a Prince demands a high price from the angel: spying missions, sabotage of Heavenly plans, theft of artifacts . . . or simply a potent Geas.

However, Archangels have been known to help "mixed marriages" as well - for much the same reasons as Princes do. Demons who can bear to part with a piece of their Self, in order to make a child with someone else, are demons who will have that piece of Self in Heaven. It's rumored that even Laurence has granted the request, for a penitent demon who feared it would not survive redemption.

P. 85, Demon Spawn: Change "as described in the Angelic Player's Guide" to "as described in the Liber Canticorum."

P. 86, first full paragraph (second paragraph), starting "Aside from", last sentence: change to: "And wanting to create a helpless, human baby requires a level of affection and commitment few demons can even fathom."

Second full paragraph, last sentence: change to: "With a little training, most can expend Essence with the same degree of control as a celestial."

P. 112: in the example in italics, change all pronouns referring to Caiphas to be feminine.

P. 121: "Listed below are summaries of the attunements and dissonance each Superior offers." Change this to "Listed below are summaries of the attunements and Dissonance Conditions of each Superior."

P. 127: Claustrophobia - an Ofanite Discord - is listed here. It's not actually appropriate for any of the demonic Bands.

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