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ERRATA - In Nomine Revelations I: Night Music - July 23, 2010

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P. 24. Tania's razorblade artifact is a level 6 Celestial Artifact. See Liber Reliquarum p. 83 for more on Damnation Blades.

Pp. 46, 62. Replace "dissonance" with "disturbance" in The Saintly Life (continued from p. 45), Saints of Dominic, the fifth sentence of Saints of Michael, and the first full paragraph of the second column on p. 62.

P. 51. In the last paragraph in the first column, delete the sentence "It can happen." Humans can never become demons.

P. 55. Taylor Brooks has Computer Operation/6 and Knowledge/4 (Computer Security).

P. 56. Delete the Balseraph Attunement of Lust from Amanda Dearling.

P. 57. In the second paragraph, replace "Asmodeus' Shadow Corps" with "Malphas' Shadow Corps".

P. 63. Drop the /10 after Dwight Mulgrew's Vampiric Kiss attunement.

P. 80. Druiel has Status/2 in his Role.

P. 82. Tomas has the Celestial Song of Form at level 3.

P. 86. Replace the second full sentence with: "Humans must use air tanks to stay submerged for that length of time, but (as a property of the mud) celestial vessels do not need to breathe while completely submerged."

P. 87. Lauren has Status/2 in her Role.

P. 90. Wrenchial's Servant is Class/4.

P. 101. Reaux has Strength 6 and Agility 6.

P. 105. Trent has Strength 7. He also has two Ranged Weapon skills - one for Shotgun and one for Pistol. Change the Large Weapon and Small Weapon references to Ranged Weapon.

P. 106. In the second paragraph under Yves, Miles Foreman is a Mercurian of Destiny.

P. 108. In the first paragraph, replace "He'd be grateful for a Shedim (or anyone with the Song of Possession, even a Kyriotate!)" with "He'd be grateful for anyone with the Song of Possession (even a Kyriotate!)"

P. 119. In the second paragraph of Where the Hell is Tomas?, replace "waiting in the car" with "waiting outside". The Old Guy doesn't travel by car.

P. 125. Furfur has 5 Corporeal Forces, Strength 12, and Agility 8. He has Will 12 and Perception 8. He also has the Discord Angry/4.

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