Wherever adventurers go, there are monsters . . . but often the most interesting creatures are the least likely to have a suitable figure.

Monsters Miniatures is our new line of figures created to endanger 28mm adventurers. The pieces are designed to be easily assembled and customized, so GMs can quickly put a group together, and not be afraid to use them on the gaming table.

All figures are unpainted, and may require some assembly. Here are instructions, but if you have questions, feel free to contact Paul Chapman.

Now available for order is the noble dragon Valor, his nasty brother Snarl, the mythological guardian Cerberus, the infamous Harpy, and a horde of Giant Ants.


  • We have a big page of GURPS stats for many different variations of our monsters.
  • Want more GURPS monsters? Check out GURPS Monsters for non-traditional creatures, and GURPS Bestiary for less supernatural creatures.
  • Need help assembling a figure? Here is a pictorial guide for Valor and the Cerberus.


Dragons Rule!

They're the ultimate power in any fantasy game, the stuff of legends -- the mighty dragons. And now sculptor extraordinaire Richard Kerr has worked his magic and brought gorgeous, fearsome dragons to Steve Jackson Games' line of miniatures.

Valor is our first release for Monsters. He, along with his brother Snarl, will be available through your friendly local game store in February, but Warehouse 23 has a limited supply of him now.

Valor stands 57mm tall, and has a wingspan of 110mm. He is 70mm long with his tail curled and his neck upright.

Some assembly is required. All images here feature Richard Kerr's painting work.

What can a dragon do in GURPS? Here are stats for a highly magical Valor, and a version created with the use of biotechnology.

Valor individually:
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Stock number 13-2508
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Dragons: Valor and Snarl Boxed Set:
Price $24.95
Stock number 13-0500
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Skeletons Miniatures

The dead walk . . . and they're coming for you!

The walking skeleton -- grinning malevolence and otherworldly evil -- is a staple of horror and fantasy gaming. Sculpted by the renowned Richard Kerr, Skeletons Miniatures gives you eight classic figures, with the heads and arms separate. Mix and match for the ultimate in variety, and create the skeleton army you want! Arms include everything from knives and swords to deadly modern-day hardware, and extras are provided.

So take a tour through our graveyard . . . Skeletons Miniatures are waiting!

Stock number 13-0200
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Cerberus was the mythological three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades.

Cerberus stands 34mm tall in its leaping pose, and is 46mm long from outstretched paw to the tip of its tail. The heads, the widest part of its body, are 20mm from right cheek on the right head to left cheek of the left head.

Some assembly is required. Richard Kerr sculpted the Cerberus, and painted the one pictured here.

Looking for some numbers for this beastie? Here are three sets: a classical version, a super-powered version, and a genetically modified high-tech version.

Stock number 13-2509
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Giant Ants

Scuttling faster than a man can run -- boiling up from below -- inhumanly hungering. Giant ants can spawn from radioactive waste, black magic, or good old fashioned Science Gone Bad!

Each ant stands 21mm tall, and is 48mm long from antenna to tip of the abdomen. Their legs stretch 54mm side to side.

Assembly is required. These giant ants were sculpted by Richard Kerr, and all images here feature his painting work as well.

Giant Ants are available through Warehouse 23 in two forms: in a boxed set, with a mad scientist, his assistant, and six of the beasties; and individually.

As a set:
Stock number 13-0201
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Stock number 13-2103
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In Greek mythology, a harpy was a loathsome beast with the body of a bird, and a woman's face.

Richard Kerr has created this version, standing 32mm tall.

For a super-sized image of the harpy, click here. Be warned -- not only is she not pretty, she weighs in at almost 4 megs.

Stock number 13-2510
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