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A P R I L   2 0 2 3 

Shipped April 17, 2023

Munchkin Cows

Cows? Yes, Cows. Haven't you herd?

What's moo? This is the latest 15-card set of monsters and Treasures for any Munchkin game!

Steak your claim to this comical collection of cows before it's gone. You'll veal very sad if you miss it . . . and that's no bull.

15 cards and a rule sheet in a tuckbox. Stock #1549, ISBN 080742095090. $7.95.

Shipped April 3, 2023

One Roll Quest

A Whole Adventure In One Die Roll!

Choose your character. Roll the special die . . . ONCE. That's all it takes for a quick adventure with ORQ. You might find treasure. You might find fame. You might die . . .

This edition also includes One Roll Chronicles. Where the ORQ basic game provides the framework to spin tales of your own design using only a single die roll, One Roll Chronicles gives you and your friends a multi-part adventure. You'll start at the tavern and, after a series of (mis)adventures, return to claim your rewards!

Play it anywhere! Then make up a lot of lies about what happened along the way!

This is a great game to play BEFORE the game you play before you start the real game.

Game Design by Steve Jackson (who should know better).
Art by Len Peralta (who DOES know better but doesn't care).

One transparent d6 (holding five smaller d6s), five cards, rules, three postcards, and the One Roll Chronicles booklet Stock #131356, ISBN 080742095120. $19.95.

W 2 3 

Shipped April 27, 2023

GURPS Renaissance Venice: Merchants of Venice

Fare Soldi!

For a time during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Venice was the wealthiest city in Europe. Now you can expand the lore from GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Venice to bring that era's commerce to life.

Help or hinder the Venetian mercantile empire with rules, history, and insight. Learn how to prepare for and carry out trade, including an overview of the challenges of shipping, risks of voyages during this era, ships (with GURPS stats) and seafaring life, and more. Discover ways clever and ambitious merchants can manipulate the system to their benefit. You'll also get a map marked with significant ports as well as an unlabeled version for note-taking or adventuring needs. With this supplement, you'll make your fortune in the way that Venetians do best: as a merchant!

30-page PDF. Stock #37-0682, $7.00.

Shipped April 5, 2023


This set brings you everything from the ultra-successful CARnage Kickstarter campaign! All minis will be supplied as STL files. Each file will have two versions – a professionally supported file that's ready to print and an unsupported option that is suitable for scaling.

  • Over 100 weapons and accessories that you can use to customize toy cars for Car Wars and other car combat games.
  • All 28 cars from the Car Wars Sixth Edition . . . plus bases, with and without stands.
  • Four NEW cars – the Dagger, Vortex, Lockjaw, and Minotaur. Plus the final campaign stretch goal: the "naked" Apollo, ready to be customized.
  • Four wrecks.
  • Uncle Al's Arena Supplies – a variety of traffic cones, barriers, and suchlike to customize your arena.

A total of over 140 unique STL files!

STL files for over 140 figures plus a 4-page PDF in a single Zip file. Stock #13-4001, $40.00.

Shipped April 5, 2023

New!  * Coming June  * Coming July  * Coming August  * Coming September  * Coming October  * Coming November  * Further Out  * Previously Shipped...  * All upcoming releases – text only, no cover art

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