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Ogre Miniatures Lite

Download "Ogre Miniatures Lite" from Warehouse 23!


Ogre Miniatures Lite

Available as a digital file!

Game Design by Steve Jackson * Production art by Alvin Helms

2 pages. PDF. * Price: Free! * Stock number 37-5001
Always AvailableGet it for free!

Ogre Miniatures . . . In Just Two Pages! Now updated!

This is the ultimate quick reference sheet for experienced Ogre players, or an excellent learning tool for new players! (It is also included in every copy of Ogre Miniatures Set 1. ) Ogre Miniatures Lite includes the most commonly referenced rules, the Combat Results Table, a handy visual reference guide, tactical advice, and a ruler marked for the unit ranges. And it's a freebie!

See Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition for a completely updated and revised edition of the original full miniature rules.

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