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Las Vegas Trip, $5,000 Grand Prize in Tomb Raider Contest

Precedence Entertainment has announced a contest tying into the release of their new Tomb Raider collectible card game. The "Tomb Raider Treasure Hunt" has a grand prize of $5,000 cash and a trip for two to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Fittingly, the Luxor is the Egyptian-themed hotel in the shape of a pyramid.

"The puzzle of naming the treasure's location is part of our unique `Secret Move' puzzle card series," Precendence CEO Paul Brown said. "Until now, collectible card games have never used puzzle cards as collectible components in a set. This contest highlights the unique `Secret Move' foil insert cards found in the Tomb Raider card game, which add a whole new dimension to premium insert cards found in collectible games."

To win the grand prize, players must find discover the location of the secret treasure. Clues to the location are on the nine "Secret Move" cards randomly inserted in Tomb Raider CCG booster packs. Contestants who solve the puzzle must send the answer to Precedence before November 8th, 1999. A drawing will be held on that day to determine the winner. Complete rules details are available on the Precedence web site and in the Tomb Raider CCG rulebook.

The Tomb Raider CCG has 200 cards and is based on the computer game from Eidos Interactive. The premiere set includes two 50 card Quest decks ("Trapped in the Tombs" and "Into the Caves"). Each Quest deck contains a unique Lara Croft variant . . .

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Article publication date: September 20, 1999

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