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Continuum RPG

When it comes to a good idea, it all appears to be a matter of timing. Some call this serendipity. Others call it good luck. Whatever it is, a new RPG is in the works and it appears its time is about to come.

"It all began at Shorecon last year when Dave Fooden approached me about a game he thought he'd be doing," says Barbara Manui. "He knew I knew how to find money. He presented me this embryonic thing. In the process I got very interested with what he was doing."

Those who've followed Steve Jackson Games products for a while might be familiar with Manui. She and partner-in-crime Christopher Adams have been publishing an RPG-based comic strip, Yamara, for some time. SJ Games published a collection of the strips. Fooden is not unknown in the gaming industry either. His art has graced such recent game cards as Dune and Mythos. As it turns out, Adams had also done card art for Mythos. To complete things, all three of these game pros all live in New York City, so it's safe to say they knew each other.

Still, Fooden's idea hit Manui pretty close to home.

"Christopher had been working on something on his own about time," explains Manui. "So we sat down with David to go over the work he had already done on it.

"David had the idea he wanted to do a time game and wanted to do it with various societies and fraternities of time travelers," Adams adds "but he had no idea of what kind of system he wanted to use. I had been creating something . . .

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Article publication date: May 29, 1998

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