The Right Tool for the Job

More Implements of Destruction for Feng Shui

by Steve Hammond

Art by Kurt Brugel

August 15

I had a big job coming up. The Buro cyborgs had wiped the floor with us last time; and now I was looking for a special weapon. Not just to give us an edge, but to show those slimeballs they should be more careful next time they pick a fight. I opened the secret panel behind the dresser, but everything there was old, passe even. I needed some new firepower to change the odds for this fight.

I rang my fav merchant and explained to him that I was looking to upgrade some hardware. He said he had what I needed and to meet him at the usual place. When I arrived he had a crate of state-of-the-art goodies waiting, and they were all calling my name.

New Gun Schticks

Deep Pockets

Ever notice how action heroes always seem to have that Remington 870 handy just when they need it -- or how immortals can keep a large sword hidden under their trench coat? Each schtick taken allows a character to reduce the total concealment value of all weapons carried by 2 or increase the maximum number of weapons carried by 1. The concealment value for carried weapons can never drop below 0.

Ricochet Shot

Any time an opponent has taken cover behind a solid object, a ricochet shot can be used to get him anyway. Each schtick reduces the concealment of the target by one level as shown on the Cover Chart on Feng Shui, p. 159. Thus a character with 2 schticks against a foe with 90% concealment would use . . .

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Article publication date: June 12, 1998

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