Like a Spanish Guitar

by Elizabeth McCoy

There is a legend, about a lonely man and an enchanted guitar, and how he plays in clubs and alone through the night . . .

The man calls himself Jack. No last name, no middle initials. Just Jack. He's a musician who plays for the dingier dives, though he's been known to turn up at private, ritzy parties, or anywhere in between. He has people who don't like him much, but no enemies; he knows people who will do him a favor now and then, but no one really calls him "friend." He can sing well, but he is best known as a superb guitarist. He's best with the sad songs, but can catch everyone in a bawdy ballad if that's requested. Strangely, he refuses to use any instrument other than the one he calls Sarai, an exquisite, 12-stringed guitar that never seems to go out of tune. Further, it never seems to pick up a scratch that can't be polished out, nor stains that don't fade in time.

Naturally, the guitar called Sarai is no natural instrument.

Jack and Sarai may be some campaign color, the target of an assignment, or PCs may simply witness one of the events below personally and be moved to investigate out of greed, curiosity, or sympathy.

If anyone investigates Jack and Sarai, there are certain stories and details that will come up:

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Article publication date: September 14, 2001

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