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Floorplans by Brian K. Moseley: Inns & Taverns, Castles & Keeps, Temples & Shrines

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Written and drawn by Brian K. Moseley

GIFs of various sizes, with HTML pages to link to them; $5 each

These are packs of non-system-specific floorplans for (depending on the package) taverns (15) and inns (20), castles and keeps (5, total), or temples, churches, and shrines (30 total, plus thumbnails on 30 deities). (There's also a sample keep and three sample taverns and inns, available at; these are not repeated. One can also find two more sample castles at Moseley's old Geocities site, though that site's lifespan is problematic. The sample church at is repeated in the actual product.)

The floorplan sets are primarily available as Electronic Software Downloads (ESD) from, but RPGNow will also put your material on CD-ROM or paper for a slight additional cost. They come with HTML (and thumbnails), enabling one to view them with one's favorite browser. (More importantly, from my point of view, it also allows me to customize the names -- or even add more maps -- trivially! For instance, I've already put the sample inns, taverns, and castles into the table of contents file.)

Each of these are black and white line-art (GIFs), drawn as a top-view onto a dotted-line grid which gives the scale: 5 feet per square. The art includes beds, chairs, church pews, statues, wall hangings, barrels and crates, privies, and basically everything . . .

This article originally appeared in the second volume of Pyramid. See the current Pyramid website for more information.

Article publication date: May 24, 2002

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