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FATE Magazine

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Monthly publication; $29.95 for one year subscription

If you like Suppressed Transmissions you want to get this magazine. If you like horror gaming, you want to get this magazine. If you like weird modern settings, you want to get this magazine. (If you're Ken Hite, you already read this magazine.) If you're running fantasy campaigns . . . you still probably want to read this magazine, at least at the library.

FATE is devoted to all things weird and wonderful -- UFOs, psychic phenomena, cryptozoology, ghosts, speculations about Atlantis, angels, reader letters about life after death -- everything that might interest player characters and game masters. The style of most articles is clear without being annoyingly "True Believer." Indeed, one recent article about crop circles was written by a self-proclaimed former believer who became convinced that all crop circles are hoaxes. While (naturally) no game statistics are included, it is full of information that could be used as plot seeds, or even jumping-off points for entire campaigns.

Some examples of interesting tidbits, drawn from the June 2002 issue . . .

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Article publication date: June 28, 2002

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