The God WSHN

by Elizabeth McCoy

WSHN -- pronounced "Weshin" by non-believers and simply "God" or "the Lord" by followers -- is a monotheistic, mildly patriarchal deity. His chapels are primarily outside structures, though the very richest churches have walls and ceilings to protect from the elements, and are as elegantly furnished with stained glass as one might expect, though with unexpected skylights.

Physical Church Structure

A typical WSHN church is an outdoor structure, surrounded by a park of some kind, and comes in four layers -- the ground level is pathways, going around (and sometimes under) the main structure, and gardens or at least flowers. Ramps or spiral stairs lead up to the next level (call it B), a large circular area on each side that may or may not meet in the center. The level above that (call it A) is two smaller circles that do mesh together in the center, with a half-wall (or lower "curb") to either side partly separating it from the two or three stairs that lead to the final level. Ideally, a WSHN church is made of stone to resist the elements, and the final level has a podium-like altar (or altar-like podium, depending on the sect). All levels above the ground one will have half-walls to prevent accidental falls, and the final level has a full-wall behind it, as if to frame a speaker.

The very poorest, crudest churches are only two levels -- the ground one, marked in two large circles, and the altar-level.

Most churches have no seating; some of the indoor ones . . .

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Article publication date: November 1, 2002

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