The Last Stone Age Adventure: The Hidden Valley of the Kulku

by David Morgan-Mar

The Kulku people have lived in the valley of the Kulku since the Mother Crocodile slithered through the mountains, her tail carving the valley, and her eggs giving birth to the first Kulku. Relations with the Pesik people in the next valley, a day's walk toward the rising sun, have been good in times of plenty, but this is not one of those times. The spirits of the forest have not been kind in recent years, the last crops have been poor, and game is becoming scarce.

As Kulku hunting parties roam further in search of food, there is potential for conflict with the Pesik. The hunters of the tribe must also be skillful negotiators, or warriors if the need arises. But that is nothing to what is about to happen. The world of the Kulku and Pesik is about to be turned upside down.

The Setting

Setting the Scene

The GM should set the scene for the players, members of the Kulku tribe, without mentioning the neighboring Pesik in terms more specific than "there are other tribes within a few days' travel." These tribes should be described as potential rivals, but not outright enemies. Depending on GMing style and the likely reactions of the players, the GM may also want to leave out any references to New Guinea and the 1930s, and set up the adventure as a true stone age setting, leaving the developments to come as a surprise.

This adventure takes place in the forests . . .

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Article publication date: May 21, 2004

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