Pyramid Review

State of the Art: 2064 (for Shadowrun)

Published by FanPro

Written by Audun Myhra Bergwitz, Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Drew Curtis, Robert Derie, Patrick Goodman, Joshua Howell, Jong-Won Kim, Robyn King-Nitschke, Stephan Meijerhof, James Nugent, Rich Osterhout, Antonio Pucci, Sergio Pulido, Jon Szeto, Peter Taylor, & Malik Toms
Cover by Fred Hooper

Illustrated by Steven Bagatzky, Shane Coppage, Johan Egerkrans, Marcio Fiorito, & Klaus Schwerinski

168-page perfect bound soft cover; $24.99

As we move closer to the release of Shadowrun Fourth Edition, FanPro continues to support the current version of the game with supplements exploring the early-to-mid-2060s of the Awakened World. The latest is a sequel of sorts, State of the Art: 2064 following on from State of the Art: 2063. Like the earlier book, this is an anthology the contents of which do two things. Most obviously it presents new information previously unavailable for Shadowrun Third Edition, but it also expands upon and updates various aspects of the Sixth Age previously covered under earlier editions of the game.

In the case of State of the Art: 2064, these supplements include Magic in the Shadows and Awakenings, the Lone Star sourcebook, and the more recent Shadows of Europe. The book also updates storylines, plots, and events of the latter book as well as Year of the Comet, Dragons of the Sixth World, Threats 2, Target: Wastelands, and even Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets. All of this is presented in the . . .

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Article publication date: September 16, 2005

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