Getting into the Game

In Nomine Neural Interfaces and What You Can Do With Them

by Elizabeth McCoy

Herein are a collection of specific-use advantages for a "modern day" setting. (In a Cyberpunk setting, some will be standard, and others could cost more points, at the GM's option.) They are priced and named for for In Nomine; for GURPS In Nomine, the quick and dirty conversion rounds each cost up to the nearest 5. (For GMs thinking the prices are too expensive for what is really flash and mirrors, halve the prices and introduce the concept of half-points to In Nomine.) The concepts behind the names should be easily portable to any similar setting, such as GURPS IOU; thus Friends in Lightning, below, could become "Friends in WUSE" at IOU or "Friends in the Technocracy" in a light-hearted World of Darkness campaign . . .

Friends in Lightning/Technology (5 points)

You know people in the organization. In particular, you know who gives the toys, and you know the mailing lists and forums wherein all knowledge is contained. This effectively gives you a +5 bonus to research anything -- but at a cost in time. Each question you ask using this advantage will take 7 days, minus check digit, to get answered to your satisfaction. (There is also a chance the GM will rule the question is simply not answerable at all, which will turn up a lot of complaining about the lack of data and speculation on it, or that it's so complex as to have contradictory information available.)

Friends in Lightning/Technolog . . .

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