Terra Incognita

The Bridal Suite

by Elizabeth McCoy

This location could have been created by twisted magics, cunning robotics, or fiendish ultra-technology. It might be a common problem, or a one-of-a-kind annoyance -- or horror.


The Bridal Suite, by default, is a small dwelling -- it could seem a mobile home, or a "hobbit hole" construction, set partly into a hillside. It has a bathroom and bedroom, and possibly a tiny kitchen; a larger one may have a pair of bedrooms. At first look, there is little to make it obviously expensive or a threat. (It would also be perfectly feasible to make an entire mansion, hidden asteroid base, or "bigger on the inside" dimension into a Bridal Suite.)


A Bridal Suite is not flimsy. That would defeat its purpose. Even the most mundane, robotic one has steel behind the cheap wallpaper. Setting them into rock, or placing them in hard-to-reach locations, is also quite in keeping with the theme.


Bridal Suites are designed with roughly the same purpose in mind as megalomaniacs have when they lock attractive young princesses up in towers -- to coerce matrimony in fine passive-aggressive style. Once activated, they will not allow the prospective bride to leave, while the would-be groom (and any guests) are able to go freely.

(Magical and ultra-tech force fields can be selective. Teleporter pads by the door can redirect attempted escapes. More mundane technology may employ "airlock" techniques, so that certain doors . . .

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Article publication date: February 17, 2006

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