Pyramid Review


Published by WizKids, Inc.

Designed by Scott Hungerford with Kelly Bonilla, Seth Johnson, Jon Leitheusser, Mike Mulvihill, Matt Robinson, Jordan Weisman, & Brook Willeford

Sculpting by James Carter, Brian Dugas, Jeff Grace, Abe Gusillo, Lukas Hungerford, Joey Locke, Dave Summers, & Drew Williams

Illustrated By David Wahlstrom With Aleksi Briclot & Kieran Yanner

Horrorclix Starter Set: Six Pre-Painted, Predetermined Figures With Character Cards, Three 3D Objects, 30 By 19-Inch Double-Sided Full Color Map, 12 Victim Tokens, 12 Plot Twist Cards, 4 By 7-Inch 50-Page Black & White Rulebook, Two Six-Sided Dice, & One Clix Ring; $14.99
Horrorclix Booster Pack: 4 Pre-Painted, Random Miniature Game Figures With Four Character Cards, One Plot Twist Card, & One Victim Token; $7.99

Having run the gamut from fantasy and superheroes to aerial dogfights and baseball via big robots, WizKids bring the CMG (or Collectible Miniatures Game) format to the horror genre. Actually not the first horror CMG -- that was WizKids' Creepy Freaks, a game for a younger audience -- HorrorClix is a nastier affair, better suited to more mature players. More slasher flick than supernatural chiller, the game pits bands of monsters, perhaps even cabals of creatures, against each other, each slaying innocent victims to empower themselves. Even as the monster armies fight, others try to rescue these potential victims. Doing so likewise empowers these martyrs, priests, . . .

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Article publication date: October 27, 2006

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