Modern Firepower at the Movies

Shooting Movie Guns in GURPS Fourth Edition

by Hans-Christian Vortisch

Movies are some of the most popular sources of inspiration for many gamers. They have the advantage of a fully fleshed-out world, with complete visualization so that everybody knows how things look and work. Often one of the things players and gamemasters want to know about are the weapons used.

It also works the other way round -- ever wondered how some of the firearms featured in GURPS (or other games) actually look like in action? Films can be used to visualize much of the hardware mentioned in the rules, even after allowing for cinematic license such as exaggerated effects, increased muzzle flash, and a preference for flashy chrome finishes . . .

The movies discussed below concentrate on classic "Take 'Em Down" action flicks featuring modern firepower; not all of them are necessarily good films. However, all of them are "gun films" in which firearms play a prominent role. All weapons mentioned are described and provided with full statistics in GURPS High-Tech, Fourth Edition. (All page references are for that book, except where noted.)

Many movie-goers probably know that Commander James "007" Bond recently switched from the Walther PPK pistol (page 99) to the Walther P99 (page 103), and that the Matrix Agents prefer the .50-caliber IMI Desert Eagle pistol (page 102). But what about those other guns? Here they are. [SPOILER WARNINGS!]

Die Hard (John McTiernan, 1988)

"Now I have a . . .

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