Authentic Thaumaturgy

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Written by Isaac Bonewits * Edited by Steve Jackson
Illustrated by Eric Hotz, Ray Snyder, and Clifford VanMeter
Cover art by Ray Snyder and Eric Hotz * Cover design by Jack Elmy

150 pages. PDF. * Price $10.00 * Stock number 30-3004
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Written by professional occultist Isaac Bonewits, the only person ever to earn a degree in Magic from the University of California, this book describes how to create "realistic" magical systems for roleplaying games. It also reveals the "real magical" roots of Magic: The Gathering. This book is a lot of fun to read! It is not part of the GURPS system, or any other specific game, so any GM who likes modifying his game's magic systems will get a lot of ideas here.

If you enjoy tinkering with your game's magic system, or if you just wonder what it would be like to be a "real" magic-user in this world or another one, Authentic Thaumaturgy will bring you many hours of enjoyment . . . and thought.

Includes a tongue-in-cheek adventure showing how it all works: "The Quest for the Sacred Mehleetah," featuring the caffeine-sodden mages of the Javacrucian Cult.



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